Ios Health Sleep Widget ConceptSource: u/iamvinoth

What you need to know

  • Apple doesn't offer Heath app widgets but this concept shows what sleep widgets could look like.
  • Apple will announce iOS 15 at WWDC in June – could this be part of the update?

Apple's iOS 14 release added support for Home screen widgets but the Health app doesn't offer any at all. That's a shame and one Reddit user set about showing why. They created a couple of widgets that could display sleep tracking data from the Health app – and they're pretty sweet.

Displaying simple data like how long a user slept and comparing that data with previous days is something that widgets would be perfectly suited for. Some third-party apps already do something similar, but Apple could do it all itself and maybe that's exactly what it will do when iOS 15 ships later this year.

Apple might argue that privacy concerns are the reason beyond the lack of Health widgets, although I'd suggest that might be something best left to the user to decide. After all, everything's hidden behind a passcode and Face ID or Touch ID, regardless.

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If all goes according to previous years we can expect Apple to announce iOS 15 during its WWDC event in June. A launch will then likely take place in September alongside new iPhones. Would you like to see something like these widgets make an appearance?

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