Convert units of measure, currency, and more with Amount for iPhone

There are lots of conversion apps for iPhone in the App Store that allow you to convert measurements such as currency, weight, distance, and more. The problem is that you couldn't always use a single app in order to convert what you need, when you need to. Amount for iPhone supports all kinds of conversions in one single app not only easily, but quite beautifully.

Upon first launching Amount, you'll be taken to a blank screen that asks you to enter the number you'd like to convert. If you want to convert 50 feet to inches, just enter 50. On the next screen, you can choose between all kinds of measurements including distance. After tapping on distance, you can simply tap on feet in order to tell Amount that that's what you're trying to convert. You'll now see all the other units of measure on the screen update in order to show you their equivalents to 50 feet.

Amount supports many categories of conversions including area, currency, energy, length, pressure, speed, temperature, volume, weight, and more. If you're inside a category and would like to change a number, just tap on it in order to pull up the edit screen. You'll then be able to edit the number you originally entered. The most common conversions people will most likely use are temperature, weight, distance, length, and currency. Amount supports all of these. For temperature, you can convert between Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin. Weight includes items such as grams, kilos, pounds, ounces, and many more.

The good

  • Lots of units of measure supported
  • Shows up to several decimal places which is nice for exact measurements
  • Great interface makes it super easy to just start using

The bad

  • Only 33 monetary currencies are supported. While all the big names are, it would be nice to see more added over time

The bottom line

Amount has a great interface that's super simple to use. It's ideal for anyone who needs to be able to convert measurements on the fly. That may be a student in a chemistry class or a world traveler looking to exchange currency. While there are many conversion apps specializing in many things available in the App Store, it's rare to see a polished app that works as an all-in-one solution.

If you need a very detailed breakdown of a specific type of measurement, a more specialized converter app may be better. But if want an all-in-one conversion tool in your pocket that covers the most common measurements quickly and easily, Amount is it.

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.