Review: Copper River Bag Co. Voyager Bag for iPad

"Stylish and artisanal, the Copper River bag for iPad is for those who put a premium on rugged good looks and hand-crafted quality."

The Copper River Bag Co. Voyager for iPad is a messenger-style bag made in the USA from full grained, oiled leather and is truly designed to last a lifetime. The look is something straight out of Joss Whedon's Firefly, a mix of old world workmanship intended for the latest and greatest in Apple electronics. "Perfect imperfections" is their motto and you can see it reflected in every cut and stitch.

This is the iPad bag for the person who has everything. Copper River Bag Co.'s Voyager messenger for iPad is one of the most beautiful leather bags I've seen, and it's built as good as it looks. Seriously, it's water resistant and they offer a 100 year warranty. That's standing by your products. Heck, that's standing on them and then dragging them behind a horse in a light drizzle! (Kidding, but you get the point.)


What better place to keep your iPad than something as stylish, and frankly stunning, in such a complementary and almost contradictory way. The buckles and shoulder straps are strong and secure, with big buckles that can be adjusted to suit your height, whether you be on the shorter side like me or Amazonian like Ashley.

Copper River Bag Co. Voyager Bag for iPad open

In addition to the interior iPad pocket, the Voyager has a larger pocket than can fit up to a 15-inch MacBook or similar sized laptop. It also has pockets for 2 pens, 2 cellphones, and an extra pocket for magazines (for when your electronics are banned during takeoff and landing). Copper River also offers a selection of other bags as well as full grain leather wallets for iPhone.

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Copper River Voyager Bag
$138.95Buy nowRow 1 - Cell 1 The GoodExceptionally strong and studyAbsolutely gorgeous looking100 year warrantyThe BadHeavy due to size and materialsThe ConclusionStylish and artisanal, the Copper River bag for iPad is for those who put a premium on rugged good looks and hand-crafted quality. Expensive but not extravagantly so, they're the perfect indulgence for a loved one -- or yourself.

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  • For when you need to leave the Shire perhaps.... But agreed, it looks very wonderful. What sold me on this was the fact that it also has a spot for a laptop
  • For a leather bag, price not bad. Wish you showed more of the working interior in the video.
  • I was waiting for that.
  • It would have been nice to see her put a iPad inside and show the inner pocket. Is it padded at the bottom?
    Is it overly roomy and the iPad bounce around inside?
  • Wow, I get it, it's... It's... a leather bag! And it's only 140 dollars! Just what I needed for my iPad!
  • Just don't set it down on your car paint, with those D rings on the bottom. What are those there for? A sleeping bag, thermarest pad, or tent and stakes? Oh, maybe a jacket rolled up.
  • Meh, with the amount of travel I do, my overnight bag is more than sufficient for my iPad and laptop.
  • Looks really nice!
  • I liked this review so I went and checked out their web site. I sent them an email asking several questions about the bags and also about postage to Hong Kong. They replied saying that they don't ship to Hong Kong and ignored my other questions. I wrote back to them saying that I could supply a US shipping address and asked if they could answer my other questions. Silence from them. No order from me.
  • Hey Spike, sorry for not getting to you sooner. Another shipping address will work. Check out our new videos that may help answer questions.
    Please let us know what those questions were. We may have lost them in the battle.
  • Now that bag is awesome, pleas pick me, hehe