Cygnett cases for iPhone mega review

Cygnett makes a wide range of cute, colorful, cool, and killer cases for the iPhone. They sent me a few to take a look at, and I spent a couple of weeks putting them all through their paces.

The Cygnett ICON Art Series case features exclusive Scarygirl art by Nathan Jurevicius. It's printed on both the back and sides over a soft-touch, slim-fitting case that's easy to put on and take off. The artwork is bright, but after two weeks of use the print started to wear off around the edges. If you like the decayed look, maybe that won't be a big deal to you, but if you love the colorful characters and artwork, you'll be as sad as I am that the art on the ICON Art Series doesn't last.

The Cygnett Workmate Pro is less about looks and more about shock-absorbing action. It features dual layers of silicone and polycarbonate and it's built to take more of a beating. They're not my favorite type of case simply because I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I find I can never quite keep both layers lined up perfectly, so I'm forever fiddling with them. The Workmate Pro does provide a lot of protection, though, while maintaining good access to all the ports, and avoiding a ton of excess bulk.

The Cygnett SKIN Textured Slimcase is designed to add some style and sophistication to your iPhone. Some may say it looks like reptile skin, but I prefer to think of it as Targarian Dragon skin personally. That reference alone should tell you how much I like the looks of the SKIN Textured Slimcase. I also like how easily it pops on or off. It is more slippery feeling than some of Cygnett's other cases, however. That might be due to the soft, almost squishy finish on the back.

The Cygnett Urban Shield is all brushed aluminum goodness. If you've read and watched my past reviews, you know how much I like the shiny, metallic cases, and the Urban Shield is no exception. It's light weight but not flimsy, strong but not brittle. It also has a soft touch finish on the sides for extra grip. I love that. Like the other Cygnett cases, the Urban Shield goes on and comes off easily, and provides ample cutouts for all your buttons and connections. The only downside is the large logo on the back. Some may not mind it, but I prefer a cleaner look (or at least not as obvious or busy a logo).

The Cygnett Apollo Hybrid Case aims to put the future in your hands, today. Well, okay, a "futuristic" anti-scratch, finger-proof polycarbonate layer wrapped around an impact-resistant silicone core. The silicone rises up to provide some protection to the front of your phone, which is great, but it isn't cut very generously around the ports, so the thickness could interfere with chunkier media or car dock cables.

The good

  • All cases come with a screen protector and micro-fiber cloth
  • Wide variety of colors, styles, and types of cases
  • Excellent manufacturing quality

The bad

  • Printing could be more durable
  • Ports could be cut a little wider

The bottom line

Cygnett makes a wide variety of cases, and their products are of exceptionally good quality. You can find everything from simple, slim skins to rugged, impact resistant cases, in a variety of colors and designs. If you're looking for a new case to change up the way your iPhone looks, check out Cygnett.

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