Daily Tip: How to unfriend someone on Facebook

You know who they are -- the person you kinda sorta know, acquaintance of an acquaintance type of thing -- and they keep inviting you to events in other countries, adding you to groups you couldn't care any less about, and spamming your wall with their virus links, and you're just dying to know how to unfriend them.

Well, rest easy. It's not rude. It's not anti-social. It's not you -- it's them. They're unfriendable. And it's Facebook, with their "invite all", "add to group", and other easy-to-abuse buttons. You're not breaking any covenants that ought not be broken. You're simply restoring your Facebook sanity. And we're going to help you... after the break.

Luckily you can unfriend just such a person using the Facebook for iPhone app, or on the web. Since we're an iPhone blog, we'll stick with the iPhone app for now.

  1. Launch Facebook for iPhone
  2. Tap on Friends

  1. Scroll down to find the person in need of an unfriending
  2. Tap on their name

  1. Tap on the action button at the top right

  1. Tap the red Unfriend button
  2. Tap to confirm the unfriending

That's it! The guilty party has been right and properly unfriended and you can go on with a cleaner, less stressful Facebook experience. (Or at least as much as is possible.)

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Note: No Seth Cliffords were actually unfriended during the making of this tip.

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Rene Ritchie

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