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DataMan for iPhone is a utility that allows you to monitor your data usage in a few unique ways that a lot of other data utilities don't. The app not only monitors your network usage, it will also monitor your wifi usage. You can also view your usage on a map. It will break up where you are using data and what kind of data you were using. For people who want to save a bit of cash and use a lower data plan, this may be an app you would want to check out.

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When you first launch DataMan, you'll notice the app is dead simple to navigate through. The layout's pretty intuitive and easy to use. You can enter your usage period (billing cycle) as well. For me, my usage cycle starts over on the 4th of every month, so I set it to begin on the 4th and end on the 3rd of the following month.

DataMan also allows you to set alerts for different usage levels as well. This way, the app will send you a push notification when you reach certain data usage levels. I also really like the map feature. It will link together all the different places you've used data. Not exactly a "needed" feature for most, but it's certainly neat to see the trends and where you browse the most. The data will not only break up into a total amount, but into how much you're using each day of the month. As you can see in the screenshot above, it also lets you know how much of that data is downstream and how much is upstream.

Some of my friends or family members are on 200MB plans with the iPhones and like to monitor their usage pretty closely. While AT&T allows you to check your data via text, their numbers are always a day to two days behind. Since DataMan monitors data as you use it, you'll always know exactly how much data you've used in real time.


  • Layout is easy to figure out
  • Presents you with more information than most data monitoring applications
  • Mapping data usage is a creative way to view your usage


  • Sometimes push notifications don't always come through, hopefully this is a bug that will be worked out in an update

TiPb iPhone 4-star rated

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iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.

  • Looks like an interesting app. But I would rather be able to see how much data each app is actually using, vs. the whole phone. Not sure that's possible though, due to Apple's sandboxing. Maybe a jailbreak app.
  • It's similar to monetgate a symbian app, which also has a firewall feature
  • Hi, To get the accurate data, this app should be open all the times..If you close the app it doesn't record data properly..Need more update..I would suggest Data Control App for iphone..
  • I have both DataMan and Data Control. Neither of them ever match each other or the iPhone Settings number. I don't know why the math should be so difficult. Also, neither app is very polished, especially Data Control. They are quite a few of these sorts of apps, and they'll probably get better in time, now that more people are on tiered plans. Good post, though, and any monitoring method is a good idea.
  • I think $1.99 is a bit to much for what it does!
  • Man it's nice to have been grandfathered into unlimited data. Actually got a 3GS a month before the 4 and the tiered data announcements just to not have to worry about this.
    (I check the AT&T app from time to time when in curious. Last month I used 5 gigs.)
    (used lots of streaming video & also jailbroken and use mywi when necessary)
  • BTW, there's also a free version DataMan Lite that you can try if you only need basic monitoring. Search for DataMan Lite in the App Store.
  • Thanx Johnny ixe was a big help, Understando ur a dueche nobody cares about ur unlimited data plan. This is is not a feel better about ur life blog.. Try if ur that desperate for self appreciation, and yes I'm a little bitter about my 2 gig limit.. Lol
  • Worst application ever. They have to work a lot more on it.
    I can only give it 0 stars. What a waste of my money!
  • Shows wifi usage even when not connected to a wifi network.
    Their development focus should be on data integrity.
  • Hmmm...according to DataMan, I've only used 48% of my 5G of data. Telstra however have sent me a message informing me that I've used 85%. Who do you believe???
  • Easy to use BUT either this app doesn't work properly or O2 are ripping me off!! This app seems to be out by 40%