DataMan Pro for iPhone review

Most of us live in a world of tiered and capped data plans all the while wanting to stream videos, podcasts, music, and more. While we normally manage to adjust our habits to only use data hungry apps while connected to WiFi, it isn't always possible. DataMan Pro for iPhone can't give endless amounts of data but it can help you control how much of it you're using by keeping a watchful eye on your data plan limits.

After downloading DataMan Pro you'll be asked for some basic setup information including what your data cap is and what your current data usage is. For this, you'll only want to include cellular usage, not WiFi. You'll only need this number once and can typically access it by logging into your carrier's site and viewing your current usage. It's good to keep in mind that carrier's data can be up to 24 hours behind in most cases so if you typically come dangerously close to your data limit, you may want to pad that number.

Once all your information is input, you'll be taken to the main menu of DataMan Pro which includes some key information on your data usage. At the top you'll be given a rating pertaining to where you are in your current data cycle. A safe rating means you have low odds of exceeding your cap for the month. The large percentage in the middle of the screen represents the amount of data you've already used in your current cycle. Below that you'll see how many days you have remaining to go. The bottom information shows a breakdown of the data you've accumulated on both cellular and WiFi.

You also have the ability with DataMan Pro to see exactly what apps are using your data allowing you to change settings where needed if data usage with a particular app is becoming a problem. To access a breakdown of what apps are using your data, swipe up from the bottom of the screen on the main DataMan Pro usage screen. Here you'll see a breakdown of what has used your data. It's important to note that this is only representative of what is using your data when connected to cellular and does not calculate WiFi data. You'll notice if you're only using WiFi, nothing will aggregate under the app breakdown section. It'd be nice to see this changed to reflect both cellular and WiFi since some people do still have capped home internet plans as well.

DataMan Pro also offers a few additional features including customizable push notifications to let you know when you're nearing your data cap. To access the settings menu just swipe left on the main screen. Here you can change options for your data plan as well as update usage alert thresholds.

The good

  • Beautifully designed
  • The app breakdowns over cellular can greatly help identify problem apps that are pulling data you don't want them to
  • Push notifications for usage alerts are a good way to stay on track with managing your data

The bad

  • May not be ideal for anyone with pooled data plans such as Mobile Share
  • No WiFi usage in app breakdowns

The bottom line

DataMan Pro is not only a great way to track data usage directly on your iPhone but a good informational resource that lets you know exactly what apps are the most data hungry. Some users may even find certain apps polling data they aren't aware of and be able to make changes accordingly within settings.

While this will work great for individual plans or data caps that are calculated on a per line basis, it won't be as friendly to those on pooled data plans. Since I'm on a Mobile Share plan with AT&T, there's no way for me to link my account and have DataMan Pro pull data that other lines are using. It's possible to split up the data plan yourself but it'd be nice to see an option that's better suited for users on shared data plans whether that's using estimates initially or somehow linking into carrier accounts to pull data accordingly.

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.

  • Sounds like a great app. I would love the details it gives by app. But, like you, I am on the Verizon Share Everything plan, so unless it gets updated to include all phones on a plan (perhaps via an iCloud sync for multi-devices), looks like this will stay in my "Wish List" folder...
  • Does it need to be running in the task switcher all the time to get app usage history?
  • I don't believe so. It most likely is using your accumulating use through iOS and just uploading the difference each time you launch the app.
  • Yup. Love Week Calendar. Best week view app of all.
  • lol 5$ for an app that tracks your severely overpriced thanks. so happy i am grandfathered in to unlimited data on VZW, will never sign another contract! btw myverizon does this, albeit a little less pretty, but its free.
  • Remember: Any time your iphone is powered down for whatever reason you'll need to restart this app to properly track usage. I noticed at the end of the month it said I'd used 6% but Verizon had me at 70%. Then I remembered my battery died earlier in the month and I never restarted the app.
  • I'll just log into my account for free, $5 for this app is ridiculous IMO.
  • I was very excited to see an app like this because I have been burning through my data plan and wanted a way to track the biggest data munchers. I have just started using this today and ironically, I have found one of my big data drainers is actually the iMore app (sorry).
  • It also does NOT break down usage by the iOS itself, which is often much more than the apps are using. Thus, right now, as I look at the screen, it tells me I've used 38.1 MB. But the breakdown by app only shows about 6MB +/-. It doesn't show usage by Media Store, Push Service, Store Service, or Geo Service. Queried about this, XVisionNow replied that was "by design". My personal suspicion (no basis in fact) is that Apple made them hide that info as a condition for getting their app placed back in the App Store (it was unavailable for several months last year). However, the total usage is accurate. It's just that it's not all broken down by app.
  • This app is amazing; it would be great if I were to ever ditch verizon and lose my unlimited; however, $4.99? Nooooot worth it. Sorry. This app is only worth .99. The fact that you have to restart this app to properly track usage after powering down is beyond bad.
  • The ability to see what apps are using data is awesome though I would like to know what the OS is using, and if it's true that that's been removed...that's kinda lame. But I do agree that it's a little steep in cost and having to restart the app to keep tracking it after a restart is also kind of silly.
  • $4.99 when I have to remember to keep the app running? Besides, I can log into my carrier and see my usage for free and they send me a text whenever I get up to 75% of my cap. Make it $0.99 and integrate it so that I don't have to have it launched all the time and I might consider it.
  • I would love to see the TOS for this app.. I'm sure they are mining your data.
  • This almost had me sold. But due to me sharing data, this may not be an accurate estimate. Nice app!
  • Although this is a sustainable app, that can't lead to more purchases - I find the price point quite high.
    The free version, which I've ran consistently for 12 months, is almost as great.
    Sure, the UI is not as nice. And yes, the app feature is pretty sweet. But 5$ for barely any additional functionality? Seems steep.
    I think a pretty UI is good for people with a whimpy data plan and need to pay close attention though.