Djay update rolls out bevy of new upgrades including Files integration

What you need to know

  • Djay is rolling out a new update today that adds support for iOS 13 and iPadOS.
  • Some of the upgrades are improved Files management, new Portrait UI and Core Haptics feedback.
  • The update is now available.

Djay today rolled out an update that gives its apps support for iOS 13 and iPadOS. Aside from gaining some new functionality, the app as a whole added some much-needed upgrades, including improved support for the Files app.

The new Files integration will let users play music directly from hard drives plugged into the USB-C port on the iPad Pro. The other major new under the radar update is new native iOS hardware acceleration for audio and video mixes via Metal.

As for software improvements, Djay added an all-new Portrait UI. Previously, it the app only worked in horizontal view. Additionally, the update also added improved Core Haptics utilizing the Taptic Engine to deliver distinct haptic feedback when adjusting the metronome information.

A few other upgrades include new samples, loops and visuals added for users to take advantage of.

The Djay app is now rolling out for iOS 13 and iPadOS.

Danny Zepeda