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What you need to know

  • Slack is ditching support for iOS 13 in its next update.
  • Slack users will need iOS 14 or later to use Slack.

Slack has announced that it will no longer support iOS 13 when its next iPhone and iPad app update arrives in the App Store.

Announced via the release notes for a new version of Slack made available in the App Store, the move means that people will need to have iOS 15 or later installed in order to use Slack once the next update rolls around.

A friendly heads-up: In order to keep up with the growing capabilities of newer operating systems, this is going to be the last version of Slack that supports iOS 13. You'll still be able to use Slack, but to receive new updates you'll first need to upgrade to iOS 14.

Apple released iOS 14 in 2020 and it brought with it support for Home screen widgets, new notifications, and the App Library among other things.

Slack's latest update also includes some new fixes and improvements, including the ability to post messages to a main Slack channel even after they were posted to a thread.

The full rundown of improvements beyond the iOS 13 support situation reads:

  • We fixed a host of small bugs around creating messages and lists with Korean characters. What is the proper name for a group of bugs? A bundle? A bandolier? We fixed a benediction of bugs.
  • Ever reply to a thread only to realize you should have sent that reply back into the main channel? Us too. That's why you can now retroactively share your threaded messages with the rest of the channel. Just press and hold on the message in question, then select "Send Reply to This Channel" to give it the attention it deserves.
  • Menus, begone! Now you can turn that text into a hyperlink by simply highlighting and pasting your URL right on top of it. Same old words with a brand new tappable destination.
  • The first time you send someone a direct message, you'll now see their pronouns displayed at the beginning of the conversation. We hope it's a small step that will help foster respect among colleagues.

Slack is perhaps the best iPhone and iPad app for keeping in touch with work colleagues and it's much the same story on the Mac, too. But if you're still using iOS 13, now is the time to upgrade — I'd suggest skipping iOS 14 entirely and going all the way to the latest iOS 15 release, too.

Don't yet have Slack installed? You can grab it from the App Store now.

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