Do you need the Philips Hue Bridge to use the Philips Hue Go?

philips hue go basking warm light
philips hue go basking warm light

Do you need the Philips Hue Bridge to use the Philips Hue Go?

Best Answer: No, the Philips Hue Go can be used as a standalone bowl-shaped lamp that can be taken anywhere and does not require the Philips Hue Bridge to use. However, if you want to use Amazon Alexa voice commands with your Hue Go or gain access to the 16 million possible colors that the Go is capable of, you'll need a Bridge.Amazon: Philips Hue Go ($80)Amazon: Philips Hue Bridge ($48)

So I can use my Philips Hue Go by itself without any additional equipment?

Absolutely! The Hue Go is a standalone, bowl-shaped lamp that you can take with you anywhere. It can be placed on your bedroom nightstand, office desk, a bookshelf, or even in your car or tent when you're out camping. No matter where you are, the Hue Go can go with you.

Since it's portable, it needs to be able to work on its own. The Hue Go only has one button, and a small protrusion on the back of the dome allows it to be propped up on whatever surface you decide to use. Pressing the button lets you cycle through the seven presets, which include two white lights and five "natural dynamic effects." The latter is essentially gradual cycles between two colors, and includes "Cozy Candle" (red to orange), "Enchanted Forest" (yellow to green), "Night Adventure (blue to red), "Sunday Coffee" (orange to purple), and "Meditation" (green to violet).

The Hue Go is wireless, portable, and rechargeable. A single charge should last about three hours before needing to be plugged in again, and the maximum brightness will be 40 percent (plugged in, you can have it at 100 percent brightness). However, the battery and the bulb in the Hue Go cannot be removed, so if it goes out, you'll need to replace it or buy an entirely new unit.

Philips has said that the battery has been tested to work for 20,000 hours, while the bulb lasts about 15,000 hours or about 14 years. You can also use the Hue Go while it's connected to an outlet if you want it to last more than three hours.

So what do I need the Hue Bridge for if I have a Hue Go?

To get the most out of the Hue Go, you will need the Bridge. With the Bridge, you'll be able to connect your Hue Go to the official Hue app, as well as other third-party options that work with Hue accessories. The Bridge is also required for enabling Amazon Alexa voice control, as well as access to the full 16 million color options.

The Hue app also lets users set timers, notifications, and even alarms with the Hue Go. Since there are 16 million possible color options, the app lets you precisely select the color you want from a color picker.

Basically, you can get along without a Bridge, but if you want full access to all those customization options, you'll want to dish out the extra $48.

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