Documents 5 by Readdle creates the file ecosystem you've always wanted

Documents 5 by Readdle has just been released with a flatter, design and a lot of new features including Windows Shares support, Background Downloads, a redesigned file manager, and more. Most notably, the new — and currently iPad-only — add-ons feature brings complete integration between all Readdle products including PDF Expert, Scanner Pro, and more. This means if you need to annotate something, Documents 5 can operate as a central hub and launch companion apps as needed. It's great.

For those not familiar already with Documents by Readdle, it's a management tool that lets you keep track of all your documents in one place. You can sync with Dropbox and copy frequently used files down, keep files in sync over iCloud, and more. You can pair with virtually all file sharing services for quick access to all your files in one place. Readdle tightly integrates Documents into their other apps for document editing.

Other new features of Documents 5 include a flatter design and better integration for Windows users with support for Windows Shares. This functionality lets you connect to shared folders on your PC and sync them back and forth between your computer and iOS devices. Extremely convenient for folks who access commonly used files regularly.

The update is full of other great features too including favorites, drag and drop support, color tags, background downloads and more. I've been using Documents and Scanner Pro for a long time now and I find the tighter integration between them on the iPad to make both apps even more valuable to me than they already were. I'm hoping iPhone support for add-ons comes sooner rather than later.

Highly recommended. Check out Documents 5 and let me know how it works for you!

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.