Does Cuphead for Nintendo Switch have online multiplayer?

Does Cuphead for Nintendo Switch have online multiplayer?

Best Answer: No, Cuphead for Nintendo Switch will not have online multiplayer, just local two-player co-op. However, some cross-play functionalities with Xbox Live will be added in the coming months after launch, although we're not sure if online multiplayer is one of those features.Don't deal with the devil: Cuphead ($20 on Nintendo eShop)

What is Cuphead?

For the uninitiated, Cuphead is a popular run-and-gun action game that was previously exclusive to Microsoft by being on the Xbox One and PC in 2017. It eventually came onto the macOS platform in 2018, and it is now coming to the Nintendo Switch on April 18, 2019. Unfortunately, PlayStation 4 will not be getting Cuphead.

In Cuphead, players take control of Cuphead or Mugman and face off against powerful boss fights in many strange new worlds. The best thing about Cuphead is the gorgeous art style, which features cel animation and watercolor backgrounds that harken back to the 1930s, like early Walt Disney cartoons. Everything is hand-drawn, and the game has an epic and original jazz soundtrack that just becomes the icing on the cake.

The thing about Cuphead is that it seems to be notoriously difficult, which may be a source of frustration among some gamers. However, just like with other "difficult" games, death in Cuphead is just a learning experience. The game is a lot of muscle memory when it comes to the boss fights, so each time you die is just another chance to improve yourself.

So I can't play Cuphead with friends online?


Cuphead and Mugman fight boss battle

On the initial launch, no. Cuphead will only have single player and local two-player co-op.

However, the developers have stated that cross-play functionality with Xbox Live accounts will be coming in the Switch version of Cuphead, but it will be months after the game's launch in an update.

From what we can gather, the Xbox Live cross-play functionality will include achievements, at the very least. This is a given considering that other cross-play games, such as Minecraft, have achievements that sync back to your Xbox Live account.

While they could potentially add online multiplayer co-op for Cuphead with the future cross-play features, we're not sure how well it would perform. There is always the possible issue of latency and lag with online co-op, and Cuphead is a difficult game that's all about precision during those epic boss battles. It can still definitely happen since they're bringing in Xbox Live features, so we'll see.

So local co-op is still the best way if I want to play with a friend?

That's correct, and at least for now. Local co-op for Cuphead will be playable in both tablet and TV docked modes. You'll be able to play with the standard Joy-Cons, but we aren't 100 percent positive if there will be support for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller since that information is not listed on the eShop.

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