Does Luigi's Mansion 3 support amiibo?

Luigi and Gooigi
Luigi and Gooigi (Image credit: iMore)

Does Luigi's Mansion 3 support amiibo?

Best answer: Unfortunately, no. Unlike it's predecessor on the 3DS, Luigi's Mansion 3 does not support amiibo, nor does it have a unique figure for the game. Nintendo has confirmed that it has no plans to change this stance in the future.Great without amiibo: Luigi's Mansion 3 ($58 at Amazon)

Hear no, see no, speak no amiibo

Luigi's Mansion 3 finally released on the Nintendo Switch, and it's a wonderful mix of goofy humor and exciting gameplay. With 17 spooky floors to explore, the additional of co-op play, and addicting multi-player fun, it's no surprise that the game is getting a lot of positive feedback. The game manages to make everything seem familiar, yet play like a brand new game. It seems like Luigi's Mansion 3 has everything! Unfortunately for amiibo collectors out there, it does not.

Luigi's Mansion 3 does not support amiibos, nor will it have a unique amiibo featured for the game. Sadly, you won't find a Polterpup or Gooigi figure. It also won't in the future, as Nintendo Treehouse rep, Nate Bihldorff confirmed that the game will not support amiibo.

Getting your amiibo fix

Luigi's Mansion 3 hotel lobby

Luigi's Mansion 3 hotel lobby (Image credit: Nintendo)

This is unfortunate news for amiibo lovers, but all is not lost. For players that are still looking to scratch that figuruine itch, Luigi's Mansion: The Dark Moon for the 3DS does offer amiibo support! Users can use the Boo, Luigi, Mario, and Toad amiibos to enhance their gaming experience.

While Gooigi may not be an amiibo now, I can still hold out hope that he might make an appearance in Super Smash Brothers. Anyone else?

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