Macos Big Sur Preview California Wallpaper HeroSource: Rene Ritchie

What you need to know

  • A new Mac app can download previous macOS Big Sur installers for later use.
  • This could be great for people who need to download once and deploy onto multiple machines.

A new app makes it easier than ever to download macOS Big Sur installers for use at a later date. It could be beneficial for anyone archiving the installers for use further down the line, for example.

Another potential use is by people who need to download the installer once and then deploy it onto multiple Macs as quickly and easily as possible. Such a tool already exists in script form, but this new Siwft UI implementation just looks better!


You may want to download the installer pkg instead of the installer application directly, because you want to re-deploy the installer application with a management system, such as Jamf.

Since the Big Sur macOS installer application contains a single file larger than 8GB, normal packaging tools will fail

Macos Big Sur Downloader ScreenshotSource: Scripting OS X

The tool is free and can be downloaded from Github now. Note that it won't give you access to older versions of macOS, so you can only get the last few macOS Big Sur releases. There are no macOS Monterey installers here for obvious reasons, too.

Apple will release macOS Monterey to the public later this fall with the update now in the hands of developers. The installers will likely be available via this tool once that happens.