Deebot 900 vs Shark Ion R85: Which should you buy?

These two smart vacuum robots can perform similar tasks. The differences between the two are small but are worth noting depending on your situation.

A comparison

The Deebot 900 is noted for shipping with two interchangeable main brushes. One of these features a direct suction inlet that helps the brush to avoid getting tripped up by hair and animal fur. The other provides a deep-reach clean and was designed for carpets. The Ecovacs product also offers more running time between charges because of its bigger battery.

Meanwhile, the Shark Ion R85 has one of the largest trash bins currently offered in the vacuum robot market, nearly double the size of the Deebot 900. It's also notable for requiring less charging time between jobs. It's also the only vacuum between the two to ship with boundary strips, which could come in handy depending on the size of your home. These strips provide additional peace of mind for those worried the robot might fall down a set of stairs. (The Deebot 900 uses virtual boundaries to prevent it from wandering into areas it shouldn't go.)

Despite these differences, these two robots are mostly similar. Both are Wi-Fi enabled and work with a free app; both promise more suction power than previous models. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration mean each is controllable by a voice.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Deebot 900Shark Ion R85
Wi-Fi enabled with app compatibilityYesYes
Number of brush rolls21
Includes boundary stripsNoYes
Bin size11.4 fluid ounces22.4 fluid ounces
Charging time240 minutes180 minutes
Run time100 minutes60 minutes

Though the two models are similar, there is a clear winner — the Deebot 900. Its longer running time trumps the Shark's larger bin size. Having two main brushes to choose from is also important, especially for those who have pets and want to avoid malfunctions caused by hair and fur getting caught on the brush wheels.

Bryan M Wolfe
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