Endomondo Life app offers all-day fitness tracking

Endomondo, which has long been doing fitness tracking through GPS and accelerometer readings, has released a new app exclusively for the iPhone 5s which aims to emulate a lot of what wearable fitness trackers do. The iPhone 5s has an M7 coprocessor which can quietly hum along all day with minimal battery impact while it's tracking movement, Endomondo life uses that in order to estimate how many calories are burned throughout the day.

Endomondo Life will track how close you are to meeting daily goals, the ability go over the past week's data, and keep tabs on burned calories. Your performance is also compared to the previous day and provide notifications when you've met the step goal for today.

Endomondo still works fabulously with all of the big wearable fitness trackers, but it's great to see them supporting the tools available in iPhone already. How many of you guys use Endomondo already? Would you be interested in ditching the fitness band and using your iPhone on its own?

Source: Endomondo

Simon Sage

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