Epic Citadel for iPhone, iPad demo now in App Store

One of the highlights of today's Apple special music event was Epic who showed off their first iOS game. The game, an action-packed, sword-fighting, RPG adventure looked beyond gorgeous (it's from the people who made Gears of War, what do you expect?) and it's coming later this year.

But you can snag a copy of the demo in the iTunes App Store now.

From the circus bazaar on the outskirts of the castle grounds to the mysterious cathedral at the center of town, Epic Citadel will dazzle you with a visual parade of special effects that recreates a stunning and realistic world only imagined by Epic Games, and powered by the critically acclaimed and award winning Unreal Engine 3.Are you ready to explore the realm of the Epic Citadel and all the beautiful secrets it holds?Epic Citadel was created using the same tools and technology used to develop high-end consoles games, now delivered for iOS devices!


[iTunes link (opens in new tab), via @chartier]

Rene Ritchie

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  • Wish it did more but its quite the demo. Very beautiful and the fact it's running on a phone is amazing.
  • Doesn't work on 3G
  • looks great... they should have done this with Hogwarts and hogsmade from harry potter and charged $1.99 for it haha
  • Epic, also the makers of the Unreal Tournament series of games, without which you wouldn't have Gears of Wars. They were even released for Macs.
    The engine does look amazing, I wonder how high the fps would be while playing a game on it though.
  • it's simply beautiful, only thing missing is gyro support
  • The demo's just walking around the castle/city/land, but it is simply amazing to look at. It's incredible to think that this is on a phone. Hate to see how much it'll drain the battery. :)
  • I wish the demo was more than walking I want to fight something
  • iTunes is telling me there is already an update...
  • Wow that is beautiful! On my iPhone 4, it is taking up 241 mb of ram though!
  • Very beautiful scenery and amazing that it's running on the iPhone 4. BUT... I wonder what will happen to the framerate when you add moving characters and fighting in this game? Everyone who knows about games realizes the more characters you add on the screen at one time, the higher the likelihood it is the graphics CPU will strain as it will test the limits of the RAM and the iOS in particular.
  • Not aure if it's just me the game demo won't start on my ipad for some reason. Keeps on glitching but I'll try it again later, looks like a good demo
  • Alex, did you make sure you didn't have any other multitasking apps running in the background? Cancel everything and run only the Epic Citadel app.
  • I have no idea. Not sure what could be running the back but I will try that. thanx
  • Alex, double click the Home button at the bottom to see what apps are backgrounding and hold your finger on one until it wiggles. Then hit the "X" button on each of them to cancel the backgrounding, which takes up valuable RAM that you need to run the Epic Citadel app with.
  • I tried to that but when I click the X it ask me if I want to delete the app? Should I be doing something else?
    Thanks for the help,just confused how to stop backgrounding
  • I am using the ipad too,not the phone. Maybe the demo for the pad isn't working
  • Called apple, looks like I gotta just reboot my iPad, nothing to do with demo. Can't wait to try it out
  • Heads up to anyone who has the same problem, turns out I just had to turn my ipad off by holding the power b utton, after resetting it works perfect
  • Cool graphic :)
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