ESR Urban Premium Folio Case for iPad Pro review: A bargain folio

This simple and inexpensive folio style case protects your iPad Pro and doubles as a stand. You don't have to spend a lot of money for a professional-looking folio case. The latest model supports Apple Pencil charging.

The Good

  • Streamlined and lightweight
  • Latest model supports Apple Pencil Charging
  • All iPad functionality is preserved
  • Folds into a stand for video viewing
  • Front can fold back out of the way
  • Bargain price
  • Professional-looking

The Bad

  • Not for every aesthetic taste
  • No typing angle

Adds functionality

ESR Urban Premium Folio Case: Features

ESR's Urban Premium Folio Case adds functionality to the newest iPad Pro without taking any away. The Sleep/Wake functionality is activated when you open and close the folio. The case doubles as a stand. You can prop up your iPad Pro at two different angles, both of which are appropriate for video viewing or reading.

There are button covers over the volume buttons and Sleep/Wake button. You'll find cutouts for the camera, speaker holes, and charging port. On the newest models, which are linked in this review, there is also a cutout large enough to charge and dock an Apple Pencil. Note that the cases I was sent, which you can see in my photos, do not have the large cutout. This misstep has since been fixed. You can still find the exact case I have on Amazon, but it costs the same as the updated one so there's really no reason to buy it unless you're sure you'll never want an Apple Pencil.

Unlike some folio cases, this one has a plastic frame inside to secure and protect your iPad. It even has a slight lip around the edge of the screen to protect your iPad's screen in case you were to place it face down with the folio open. It feels more protective than cases where the iPad attaches via magnets.

ESR's Urban Premium Folio Case is available for the 2018 12.9" or 11" iPad Pro and comes in three colors: Black, Twilight, and Knight. Twilight is a gray fabric; Knight is a gray and blue wood-grain faux leather.

Price and functionality

ESR Urban Premium Folio Case: What I like

I like that this case offers both protection and functionality at a bargain price. Between the hard folio cover and the rigid plastic insert, your iPad Pro is protected on all sides. Add to that the ability to prop up this case to read, surf, or watch videos. All in all, you're getting a lot for your money here.

Not to everyone's taste

ESR Urban Premium Folio Case: What I don't like

I didn't use this for months on end, but the quality does feel solid enough to last a long time. However, the looks aren't to my personal taste. It's really up to the individual.

The only function missing here is a typing angle. If you like to type onscreen, a lower angle is preferable. You could slide it down lower to type, but it bounces up and down as you type so that's not ideal.

A great deal

ESR Urban Premium Folio Case: Bottom line

If you're looking for a folio case for your iPad Pro and you don't want to spend a lot, check out ESR's Urban Premium Folio Case. It allows the iPad's full functionality plus it can be used as a stand.

Karen S Freeman

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