The Nintendo Switch has been out for a good several years now. While it has received a lot of ports of games or simultaneous cross-platform releases, there are still plenty of titles you can't find elsewhere, as they're exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. Here's what's coming exclusively for the Switch in 2020. Get ready to get your game on because some good ones are coming.

Animal Crossing 2019

★ Featured favorite: Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the latest installment for the Animal Crossing franchise. This time, you'll be out on a remote tropical island with your favorite animal friends. Create your own customized character and build your own dream home out in paradise. Collect resources and craft tools, furniture, and other items. Take your time, relax, and enjoy leisure activities at your own pace with friends.

$60 at Best Buy
Hyrule Warriors Age Of Calamity Switch Hero

Survive the calamity: Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Staff Pick

While we patiently wait for news on the sequel to Breath of the Wild, we can satiate our hunger with this action-packed game that is both a prequel to Breath of the Wild and a sequel to Hyrule Warriors. Take control of Link, Zelda, and the rest of the champions as they fight to save Hyrule.

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition Switch

The incredible Shulk: Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

You play as a young man named Shulk who must stop an overwhelming mechanical force with the help of a special blade and a group of good friends. Play strategically with real-time combat to take down foes in this gorgeous world.

$60 at Best Buy
Ninjala Switch

Bubblegum and parkour: Ninjala

Up to eight players run around, jump over buildings, and battle each other using a mixture of Ninja skills and bubblegum. It's a zany game that released back in June.

Free download on the Nintendo Eshop
Tokyo Mirage Session #FE Encore

Fire Emblem and ATLUS come together: Tokyo Mirage Session #FE Encore

Interdimensional evil has invaded modern-day Tokyo, bringing together a barrage of music, style, and danger. Create a team of your favorites and battle through dungeons through creative style.

$54 at Amazon
Deadly Premonition 2

Let's crack this case: Deadly Premonition 2

This is the true sequel to the original Deadly Premonition. It's 2005, and an FBI agent, York, visits Le Carré in New Orleans and must investigate a mysterious serial murder case.

Pikmin 3 Deluxe

Pikmin are back: Pikmin 3 Deluxe

The loveable Pikmin are back in Pikmin Deluxe 3, a remastered version of the Wii U classic with new missions, quality of life update, and a local co-op mode.

Paper Mario The Origami King Switch Screenshot

A fold about the rest: Paper Mario: The Origami King

Paper Mario returns to the Nintendo Switch with a new battle system and more of the hilarious off-beat dialouge that the series is known for.

Fitness Boxing 2 Two Player

Shadow Boxing: Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise

Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise includes 23 songs, a host of new customizable options to its fitness program as well as the ability to import your workout profile from the previous game.

$50 at Amazon
Bakugan Champions Of Vestroia

Battle to save Vestoria!: Bakugan: Battle of Vestroia

Shantae and Mighty Switch Force developers Wayforward are no stranger to licensed titles. Their latest game brings the battles of Bakugan to life.

$50 at Best Buy
Mario Kart Live Carpet

A new way to play: Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit offers a new way to play Mario Kart. Using a combination of the Nintendo Switch and augmented reality, experience Mario Kart races like you never have before. Build your own tracks, customize them with a combination of real-world and virtual obstacles, and race with up to three of your friends.

Kirby Fighters

Need more Kirby?: Kirby Fighters 2

With a new story mode, new copy abilities, this high-energy fighting game packs quite a punch from the pink puffball.

$20 at Amazon
Good Job Nintendo Switch

Work time fun: Good Job!

Get a job with this unique physics-based puzzle game. Find different ways to interact with your environment and complete your task — all in a day's work!

$20 at Amazon
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team Dx

Work time fun: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX

Play as a Pokémon as you befriend, train, and battle other pokémon with your hand-picked rescue team.

Jump Rope Challenge Switch Screenshot

No rope necessary: Jump Rope Challenge

Developed by a few developers at Nintendo who wanted to stay active during the COVID-19 lockdown, this simple jump rope game was downloaded by millions when it released for free on the Nintendo Eshop. It became so popular, that it was kept on the eShop indefinitely.

Free download on Eshop
Super Mario 3d Allstars Boxart

Three classic Mario adventures: Super Mario 3D All Stars

One Mario adventure is already a big deal, but a collection of three of Mario's biggest adventures in one collection? Well, that's huge. Experience Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy in high-definition for the first time.

$60 on Amazon
Clubhouse Games 51 Nintendo Switch

Old-school boardgames reimagined on the Switch: Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics

Fifty-one of the oldest, most well-known board games in one collection. Play online or locally and school your friends in one of these worldwide classic board games.

$40 on Amazon
Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon Screenshot

Released in the US for the first time: Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light

The first Fire Emblem game arrives in its original 8-bit form, translated into English for the first time.

$6 on Nintendo Eshop
Super Mario 35 Swimming

Mario battle royale?!: Super Mario Bros. 35

A Super Mario battle royale? You read that right. Race through the original Super Mario Bros. game against 34 other players.

Free download on Nintendo Eshop

Game on!

The year has been pretty hectic, and many games, like Bravely Default II and No More Heroes 3, were delayed to 2021. Still, there are plenty of great games on the Nintendo Switch that you won't find anywhere else. These are the ones we've found so far, and will keep this list updated as new exclusives are released!

If you're looking for some suggestions on what to pick up this year, though, we highly recommend Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It's the next major installment in the Animal Crossing franchise, it's super relaxing and fun, and we can't wait to lose hundreds of hours to it in the coming months. Another game we're looking forward to is Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity because we're excited to return to the Hyrule introduced in Breath of the Wild and experience the story that was only just alluded to in Breath of the Wild.

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