Is every Nintendo Switch game compatible with Nintendo Switch Lite?

Is every Nintendo Switch game compatible with Nintendo Switch Lite?

Best answer: Technically, the Nintendo Switch Lite can support all existing Nintendo Switch games. However, if you want to play titles that don't support handheld mode, you're going to need to buy Joy-Cons (and a tool to charge them) separately.Say hi to the new guy: Nintendo Switch Lite ($200 at Amazon)Joy-Cons for the Lite: Nintendo Joy-Con (L/R) ($67 at Amazon)Keep your Joy-Cons charged: Joy-Con Charging Grip ($30 at Amazon)

Nintendo Switch Lite: Everything you need to know

What is the Nintendo Switch Lite, anyway?

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a special miniature variant of the regular Nintendo Switch that has built-in controls, a smaller frame, and no ability to connect to the TV. However, the trade-off is that the device is much less expensive, has a slightly better battery life, and weighs less, making it a fantastic alternative to the standard Nintendo Switch if you're looking for something that would make for a great dedicated handheld instead of a hybrid system.

The Nintendo Switch Lite currently isn't available to purchase, but it will be soon according to Nintendo. In the meantime, make sure to check out Nintendo's information page for the device.

So, what games work with the Nintendo Switch Lite?

As stated above, you can technically play every Nintendo Switch game on the Nintendo Switch Lite. However, since the Nintendo Switch Lite doesn't have Joy-Cons that can be removed, it is unable to play games that don't make use of handheld mode by default.

However, there is good news: it's possible to play these games on the Nintendo Switch Lite by pairing a separate pair of Joy-Cons to the device. In addition, you'll need some sort of tool to charge the Joy-Cons with, too, as they have limited battery life. This will set you back some money, but if you want to give your Nintendo Switch Lite the same game compatibility options as a regular Nintendo Switch, it's necessary.

Brendan Lowry