Biometric facial recognition security coming to iPhone via Cydia mod [Jailbreak]

Ever wanted to unlock your iPhone simply by having it look at you and recognize who you are? A jailbreak mod called RecognizeMe will be hitting Cydia soon and promises to bring biometric facial recognition security to the iPhone 4. The mod will allow you to unlock your iPhone by scanning your facial features with the front-facing camera and verifying who you are before giving you access.

The tweak offers settings for dialing up the level of security (facial matching), which we're assuming requires a bit more processing time, but the app definitely appears to deliver on its promise of facial recognition security for the iPhone 4. The mod looks a little slow at the moment, but hopefully the developers are able to optimize the code before an official release.

Check out the video after the jump, and let us know what you think in the comments!

[Thanks @adamelter]

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  • Yeah, let's see you purists do that with a stock iPhone.
    teamjailbreak FTW.
  • Brb taking a pic of your face and opening your phone with it
  • Actually, the Lenovo used this, with the laptops that have cameras on them. This system was then hacked to allow facial recognition for logins on Windows systems, and I installed it. My friends had the same idea as you, and actually tried, but it doesn't work well at all, and when the security level is turned up, they could never get it to work.
  • This would be useful if you could have it activate when opening specific apps. Hving to scan every time you want to open your phone would be a little too time consuming to me
  • So...What If I take a picture of the owner and hold it in front of the camera? Will it unlock? ;)
  • I will definitely buy it (or will it be free?), though not as much for the functionality as for the cool technology. I mean, we all know that it's a lot quicker to input the passcode but this is just a lot cooler :D
  • Great feature and all, but that would take too long to get into the phone. It would have to be a fairly instant process before it would be worth it for the majority of people jailbroken or stock.
  • Great. Now thieves are going to take my iPhone AND my face..
  • This is cool. But i rather use fingerprint scan than this.
  • Dev need to learn how to spell, "characters" in his video. FTW.
  • At last! My naked pics will be be secure!
  • This site is absolutely continuous improvement all the time. Youshould
    be honest and be proud o
  • I find something unsettling about the desire to include biometric processing in our technology. I for one will be avoiding this.
  • They could have made it more fun by including an optional genital recognition feature.
  • It scans the dimensions of your head/face. You cannot use a picture to unlock. My Atrix uses a fingerprint. It is awesome. Works pretty well.
  • Engadget reviewed this and says it is a turd. It unlocked for two completely-different-looking dudes and a chick (but she was kinda a hot chick, so I'd possibly think about opening the door for her too). When they turned the security up some, it wouldn't unlock for anybody. Plus, it's slow as molasses going uphill in January.
  • I've downloaded this app via the insanelyi repo and haven't quite got it to be 100% functional yet. After creating a set of face shots, I proceeded to create a device lock passcode (as instructed by the "Help" section of the app). However, when I'm prompted to enter my passcode, no RecognizeMe button appears. I'm not sure what I'm missing but after several reboots/resprings, I've concluded the app is buggy and possibly not ready for prime time. Yet. Anyone else having any issues after installing?
  • i downloded it and there are 2 problems 1 i can only ake one face train if i take 2 the first one gets deleted 2 when i make a biometrec i go to the lock screen and the button is nowhere to be found
  • I got this and first of all, on my iPod, it takes forever to load up, and second, anybody's face can open it. I've tried it with lots of different people and it unlocked it for all of them. Not worth it..