Is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout coming to Nintendo Switch?

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Is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout coming to Nintendo Switch?

Best answer: No, at least not right now. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is currently available on PS4 and PC, though it could come to other platforms later.Grab it through PS Plus: PlayStation Plus 3 Month Subscription ($25 at Amazon)

Is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout coming to Nintendo Switch?

As of right now, no, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is not coming to the Nintendo Switch. Mediatonic and Devolver Digital have not mentioned anything definitive regarding other platforms besides PC and PS4. We'll have to wait and see if it comes to Nintendo Switch or Xbox One at a later date.

For the rest of August, if you are subscribed to PlayStation Plus, you can grab Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. It'll be yours to keep forever as long as you stay subscribed. It isn't free on PC, though, so keep that in mind when considering where to get it. Mediatonic and Devolver Digital have seen great initial success, with over 2 million copies sold just on Steam so far.

Can players on different platforms play together?

There's no cross-play in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout at the moment. The developers have expressed an interest in adding it, however, so if this is something you want to see, we recommend reaching out and politely requesting cross-play be added in a future patch.

In the meanwhile, make sure that you're playing on the same platform before inviting your friends to play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout together.

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