An iPhone, iPad, and Apple Pencil are shown sitting on a desk. The linen wallpaper on the iPad is in focus.

I came across a tweet from Michael Rockwell yesterday that made me jump for joy:

I'm always on the lookout for super-subtle home screen wallpapers that won't clash with my app icons. I've almost exclusively used a plain black rectangle on my iOS devices for years, but sometimes you want to breathe a little life into a screen you're constantly watching. When I saw Michael's tweet, I was hit with a blast of both excitement and nostalgia! I get to add a little texture on my home screen and I get a tiny reminder of the skeuomorphism that once was? Sold!

Rockwell's post talks about app organization, iOS 11, his inspiration for creating the linen wallpapers, and a whole lot more.

The linen texture was first introduced in iOS 4 and eventually found its way to the Mac with OS X Lion. Apple may have overused the texture during its peak and it often appeared in odd locations, but I've always been fond of it. And I felt that it was the perfect backdrop for my application icons.

Go give it a read and then snag that linen wallpaper for yourself! Rockwell's got 'em for all sizes of iPhone, iPad, and Mac!