First Apple Watch Series 5 unboxing videos go live showing off the new always-on display

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What you need to know

  • The first unboxing videos of the Apple Watch Series 5 have gone live.
  • The videos show off some of the new features like always-on display and Compass.
  • The unboxing experience is basically the same as the Series 4.

The Apple Watch Series 5 isn't launching until Friday, September 20, but some people have already gotten their hands on Apple's newest wearable. Two early unboxing videos have already gone up on YouTube showing off the new watch and its new features.

YouTube channels Unbox Italia and Life Entertainments posted their unboxings of the new Apple Watch Series 5. The unboxing experience is very similar to what the Series 4 offered last year. The box is exactly the same while the Apple Watch still comes in a little cloth cover.

Most of the intrigue revolves around some of the new features the new watch offers such as the always-on display. The videos do show off how the new feature works. When selecting the watch face that works with the new feature, the watch remains at full brightness with the normal watch face for a few seconds of inactivity until it shifts to the low hertz and darker version of the watch face.

Additionally, the videos show off the new Compass app that will always guide the watch user.

Aside from the unboxing and brief glimpse of the new features, the videos aren't overly detailed. We'll have to wait for full reviews to come out over the next few days.

Apple Watch Series 5: Everything you need know

Danny Zepeda