The Fitbit Ionic is (still) a better fitness tracker than smartwatch

If you've read Daniel Bader's excellent Fitbit Ionic review from September you already know that the device boasts a bold (if polarizing) design, backed up by one of the best health-tracking platforms on the planet, but mated to a somewhat sub-par software build. After a couple weeks of my own time spent with the Ionic, I can report that this set of attributes – and the $299 price point – has remained mostly unchanged since. 

What has changed is the landscape of wearables surrounding the Ionic. With Android Wear all but frozen in a purgatory of mediocrity, Samsung Gear lacking a strong app ecosystem and the Apple Watch only compatible with iPhones, there still exists a gap for a fourth player to fill with an excellent smartwatch. Given the success of fitness trackers in general (and Fitbit's in particular) the Ionic should be that device, a convergence gadget that bridges the gap between fitness band and smartwatch. As you'll see in the video above, though, we're still not quite there yet. Join me for the MrMobile review of the Fitbit Ionic.

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