How to measure your wrist before buying a Fitbit

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To get the most out of your Fitbit, you want to wear it as much as possible. This means all day, all night while you sleep, and through every workout. Every Fitbit purchase comes with both a small and large band. There are no XL bands for the most recent Fitbit models, so make sure your Fitbit will fit comfortably by measuring your wrist before buying.

Why do you need to measure your wrist before buying a Fitbit?

Fitbit bands come in two standard sizes, small and large. An extra-large band size used to be available for past models, but is no longer available for the current Fitbit lineup. It's a little strange that there's no medium or regular size. Does that mean your normal-sized wrist is actually a large? How small is small? How large is large?

Fortunately, Fitbit breaks down wrist sizes based on their circumferences (the distance around the outside of your wrist) and ties those with the different product sizes. This makes it easy to buy a Fitbit and know that it will fit your wrist properly, even if you can't try it on.

How do you measure your wrist?

It's easy to get an accurate wrist measurement so you can ensure the Fitbit you choose will fit properly.

If you have a printer, you can click on the Fitbit model below to download individual sizing tools customized for the device you're interested in. Simply print, cut it out, and use it to see which size fits your wrist best. The circumference of each band size for the individual model is also listed below.

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FitbitHeader Cell - Column 1 SmallLarge
Charge 4Row 0 - Cell 1 5.5-7.1 inches7.1-8.7 inches
Charge 5Row 1 - Cell 1 5.1-6.7 inches6.7-8.3 inches
SenseRow 2 - Cell 1 5.5-7.1 inches7.1-8.7 inches
Inspire 2Row 3 - Cell 1 5.5-7.1 inches7.1-8.7 inches
LuxeRow 4 - Cell 1 5.3-7.1 inches7.1-9 inches
Versa 2Row 5 - Cell 1 5.5-7.1 inchese7.1-8.7 inches
Versa 3Row 6 - Cell 1 5.5-7.1 inches7.1-8.7 inches
Ace 3Row 7 - Cell 1 One size 4.6-6.6 inchesOne size 4.6-6.6 inches

If you do not have a printer, don't worry. Find a piece of string, wrap it around your wrist about two fingers below your wrist bone. Once you've done that, measure how long the piece of string is. Once you have that information, you're ready to match your wrist size with a Fitbit band size.

Which Fitbit size matches your wrist size?

Fitbit Size Guide

Source: Fitbit (Image credit: Source: Fitbit)

All current Fitbit models come with both small and large band sizes. These band sizes accommodate most wrists, and each Fitbit band is fully adjustable. Make sure your band isn't too tight; wear the band loosely enough so that it can move back and forth on your wrist.

To get a better fit during exercise, try moving the band higher on your wrist (2-3 finger-widths above your wrist bone). You want it to be secure, but not too tight. Fitbit heart rate sensors work best when they maintain contact with your skin. Lower the band on your wrist and loosen it after workouts.

Try this on for size

Your Fitbit needs to be comfortable to wear. Otherwise, you won't enjoy using it. Using these tips will ensure you pick the right Fitbit size for your wrist. After your Fitbit has been fitted, you're ready to start working towards your health and fitness goals!

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