Suffering from a FaceTime "waiting for activation" error? So was I. The one thing I wanted to try most on my new Canadian iPhone 4 was FaceTime. I've made no secret about being jealous of Chad and Leanna, so the instant iPhone 4 was in my hand and on Wi-Fi I went to hit the FaceTime button and... found no button. I checked my Settings immediately and saw, under the FaceTime on/off toggle the chillingly cryptic words: waiting for activation. What the h3ll?

To make matters worse, Rene's was working fine. Intolerable!

Now FaceTime functions over Wi-Fi but it uses your phone number to identify and connect with other iPhone 4 users. Since my carrier, Fido was -- of course -- having problems during the iPhone 4 launch, with some people having to wait up to 24hrs for their SIM to work, I immediately thought they might be the culprit. I also did the usual trouble-shooting steps of reseting the network connections, turning my iPhone 4 on and off, removing and replacing my SIM, and even did a full restore. No luck. My phone and SMS were working fine, so Fido was looking like less of a culprit. Unfortunately.

So off to the Apple Store I went. It was the day after launch and they were still packed but the manager heard my plight, found me someone to help, and they immediately escalated me to an iPhone genius-type-person. He told me I needed the Fido 7.2 carrier update, and I'd made sure to download it. Next he took me through a few easy steps:

  1. We went on Wi-Fi
  2. We did a hard power down (holding down sleep + home until the power off slider appeared).
  3. We rebooted.

And voila, the buttons popped up and I was able to make my first FaceTime call!

If you're having the same "waiting for activation" error, try the steps above and let me know how they work for you.