Former Apple designer unveils incredible space-age speaker

Syng (Image credit: Syng)

What you need to know

  • Former Apple designer Christopher Stringer has released a new AirPlay 2 speaker.
  • It's called the Cell Alpha, from Stringer's Syng company.
  • It costs $1,800 and features AirPlay 2 support, as well as wired and wireless playback.

Former Apple design Christopher Stringer has just unveiled a brand new speaker, the Cell Alpha, through his company Syng.

Syng is described as an audio company building "sound for the future". From its website:

We've created an entirely new object-based sonic architecture that can play any format of recorded sound and make it tangible. We're ready for anything we listen to today, and everything we haven't yet imagined listening to tomorrow. Welcome to the next generation of audio.

The Cell Alpha is the world's first Triphonic speaker:

Triphonic audio turns listening into feeling. This object-based sonic architecture allows you to hear, see, and touch sounds, offering full control with precise placement and localization. You can put sound wherever you want, shrink it, move it, magnify it, and layer it. Or let the Cell handle everything – with Triphonic audio, it's able to virtualize any speaker array and accurately spatialize sound for your room. When sound is all around you, it's intimate, totally enveloping and unlike anything you've ever heard.

It comes with an app for iPhone and Android, and supports AirPlay 2 as well as wireless and wired playback. It also has two USB-C ports, so can be used with your laptop or a record player. Syng is also working on cables for TV so that it can be used for home theater sound.

You'll be paying for the privilege, mind, as the Cell Alpha starts at $1,799, or $1,969 with a stand.

If that's a bit steep, you could always try a HomePod from our roundup of Best HomePod deals.

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