Fujifilm and Nintendo are collaborating on a Switch-themed printer and app

Instax Nintendo Switch Collab
Instax Nintendo Switch Collab (Image credit: Fujifilm)

What you need to know

  • Nintendo and Fujifilm are releasing a special Nintendo Switch-themed instax mini Link Photo Printer.
  • The photo printer will also release with an app, that will allow users to add frames and filters to photos as well as Nintendo Switch screenshots.
  • A special Pikachu bundle will release in May, while the Switch-themed printer and app will release alongside New Pokémon Snap on April 30.
  • The app will be free to download, while the printer will cost $100. The Pikachu bundle will cost $120.

Remember when Pokémon Snap released on the Nintendo 64 and you can take your cartridge to your local Blockbuster and print out stickers? Nintendo remembers, and has partnered with Fujifilm to release a new Switch-themed version of its instax mini Link Photo Printer.

The new photo printer is releasing along with a new app that lets you edit Nintendo Switch screenshots and print them out Polaroid-style, or add Nintendo characters and filters to your photos.

You can transfer screenshots from the Switch to the new app, called "instax mini Link for Nintendo Switch", by scanning a QR code, in the same way you transfer screenshots to your phone. The app contains 59 new frames from games like Animal Crossing, Super Mario, and New Pokémon Snap. The new app will also be compatible with existing instax mini Link printers.

Instax Mini Link Pikachu (Image credit: Fijifilm)

The new Ash White (Red & Blue) instax mini Link itself is identical to other instax mini Links but comes with a red and blue trim that's reminiscent of the Nintendo Switch, and there's a bundle that includes a silicone case shaped like Pikachu itself. And it is cute! A necessity for any great Nintendo Switch accessory.

Both the Ash White (Red & Blue) instax mini Link and the instax mini Link for Nintendo Switch app will release on April 30, alongside New Pokémon Snap for the Nintendo Switch. The instax mini Link will cost about $100. Those interested in the bundle will have to wait a little longer and pay a little more. The Pikachu bundle will run you $120 when it releases later in May.

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