Fire Emblem Engage: All characters (so far), plot, and everything you need to know

Fire Emblem Engage: Alear with ring
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After the rousing success of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, it's exciting to hear that yet another Fire Emblem game is coming to Nintendo Switch. This time, the game looks a whole lot different with a far more vibrant color palette. There is a completely new cast of characters as well as the return of classic warriors from the franchise. The strategic combat style the series is known for also makes a return, but with some interesting new mechanics. 


Fire Emblem Engage

Alear has slept for over one thousand years, but now they must wake to take down the Fell Dragon. They'll find new companions and join powers with heroes of old.  

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Fire Emblem Engage: Plot

Engage takes place on the land of Elyos, which was once under attack by the powerful Fell Dragon. However, this enemy was defeated and sealed away by warriors who used the powers of heroes from the past. 

Now, the Fell Dragon once again threatens peace on Elyos and it's up to a mysterious character who has been asleep for one thousand years to band together with current-day fighters to stop this menace. Along the way, this hero will use special Emblem Rings to take on powers from historic warriors. 

Fire Emblem Engage: Protagonist

Fire Emblem Engage: Alear battling dragon

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The main hero of Fire Emblem Engage is hard to miss as they sport a mixture of blue and red hair. This character's name is Alear and players choose if they are either male or female. 

In a somewhat Breath of the Wild-like beginning, Engage starts with Alear learning that they have been asleep for one thousand years. It turns out they are also a Divine Dragon, which in past Fire Emblem games is a class that can transform into a dragon in order to attack foes. 

Fire Emblem Engage: Emblem Rings

Fire Emblem Engage: Marth and Alear

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During the course of the Engage, Alear will collect Emblem Rings, which allows the protagonist to join his power with an iconic hero from a past Fire Emblem game. This is similar to a mechanic found in the vastly popular mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes. 

Fire Emblem Engage: Characters

Fire Emblem Engage: Clan, Alear, Vander, and Framme

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There are a number of new characters in Fire Emblem Engage as well as returning characters. We'll continue to add to this list as we learn more. Characters are listed in alphabetical order. Emblems are indicated with an (*) asterisk.

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CharacterHeader Cell - Column 1
AlcrystYounger brother of Prince Diamant of Brodia. He has low self esteem and is a sword wielder.
AlearMain protagonist, known as the Divine Dragon, who has split red and blue hair. They can either be male or female.
AlfredA kind young man who checked on Alear while they were sleeping.
AmberA Lance Knight from Brodia who often finds himself in trouble.
AnnaA recurring character in the FE franchise who has red hair. In Engage, she serves as an aspiring merchant and axe wielder who's on the lookout for treasure.
BoucheronA courteous and polite knight of Firene who wields an axe and is also a childhood friend of Alfred.
BunetHe is a Great Knight from Solm who also loves being a chef.
Byleth* (male)The main protagonist from Three Houses who is adept with the sword.
Celica*A Priestess who was one of two protagonists in Gaiden and its remake Shadows of Valentia.
CélineThe First Princess of Firene who specializes in magic and is the younger sibling of Alfred.
ChloéThis noble lady is also a Pegasus Knight of Firene who loves fairy tales and wields a lance.
CitrinneA mage from Brodia who cares about her friends. She is also cousin to the princes.
ClanneA young mage who is twin brother to Framme and 33rd generation protector of the Divine Dragon.
Corrin* (female)A Nohr Princess who fights with a sword and first appeared in Fates.
DiamantCrown Prince of Brodia who wields a sword and is the brother of Alcryst.
Eirika*The main character from The Sacred Stones who wields a sword and made an appearance in Awakening DLC.
EtieA noble young lady and friend of Céline who focuses her time on archer training.
FogadoFirst Prince of Solm and a Sentinel class like his sister Timerra.
FrammeShe is a starting Monk class and joins the main protagonist along with her twin brother, Clan.
GoldmaryA shy royal knight from Elusia who is a Hortensia's friend and a Hero class.
HortensiaElusia's second princess and younger half-sister of Ivy. She is a Wing Tamer class.
Ike*A gifted swordsman who has been in several FE games starting with Path of Radiance.
IvyThis Crown Princess is a mysterious Wing Tamer from Elusia and the older half-sister of Hortensia.
JadeAn axe wielder from Brodia who wears heavy armor and takes her job seriously.
KagetsuHe is a royal knight and Swordmaster from Elusia.
LapisA Sword Fighter from Brodia. She has low self confidence but is very strong.
Leif*A Prince and sword wielder that first appeared as a protagonist in Genealogy of the Holy War.
Lucina*Yet another powerful sword wielder who first appeared in Awakening. She has been in several FE games since.
Lyn*She and her sword first appeared in The Blazing Blade as the main protagonist and have since been in several other entries.
LouisA knight from Firene who wears heavy armor and wields a lance.
Marth*A blue-haired sword fighter who was the protagonist in the very first FE game.
MerrinShe is a Wolf Knight from Solm who loves animals.
Micaiah*A powerful mage who first appeared in as one of two protagonists in Radiant Dawn.
PandreoA High Priest from Solm who is Panette's older brother.
PanetteShe is a Berserker class and royal knight from Solm who is also Pandreo's little sister.
RosadoA Wyvern Knight from Elusia who is also Princess Hortensia's friend.
Roy*Roy was the presumptive heir and main protagonist in The Binding Blade. He has since appeared in several FE games.
SeadallHe is a famous Dancer from Solm with fortune-telling capabilities.
Sigurd*A spear-wielder and horse rider who first appeared as the protagonist in Genealogy of the Holy War.
TimerraCrown Princess of Solm and a Sentinal class. She is very outgoing and is brother to Fogado.
VanderAn older Paladin and Dragon Guardian who took care of Alear while the protagonist slept.
YunakaA red-haired Thief class.
ZelkovA royal knight of Elusia who is also a Thief class.

Fire Emblem Engage: Gameplay

The latest installment in the series uses the turn-based strategic combat that the franchise is known for. Players can move their characters around on a map to fight with enemies. Once enemies are close enough, their stats help determine the outcome of the battle. You'll need to decide where best to place your troops and take advantage of any fighting or supporting perks they might have. 

The main character, Alear, is a Divine Dragon. In past games, Divine Dragons could change into their dragon forms on the battlefield and attack. This is likely the case in Engage as well, which will provide come interesting combat opportunities. 

With how vibrant the game is and the rich colors it uses, it will really look good when played on Switch OLED

Fire Emblem Engage: Is there romance?

Fire Emblem Engage: Marth and Alear opening a door

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It's unclear at this time if a romance mechanic is in Engage. However, it's very likely given that the last few Fire Emblem games, including Fire Emblem: Three Houses, allowed the player to get involved in a relationship. 

If nothing else, we're sure there will be plenty of jokes about the lead character collecting rings and the title of the game being called Engage. It's too easy to miss. 

Fire Emblem Engage: Divine Edition

Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition

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In addition to the standard edition of Engage, the Divine Edition has also been revealed. This collector's set includes a copy of the game, a steelbook case, some art cards, an art book, and a poster. It sells for $99.99, but hasn't become available in the U.S. as of the time of this writing. 

Fire Emblem Engage: Release date

Fire Emblem Engage: Purple person

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Fire Emblem Engage is set to release on January 20, 2023. Preorders are currently available for the standard edition. 

Engaging battles

Engage looks like it's going to be very different from Three Houses, which was the best-selling Fire Emblem game of all time and one of the best Nintendo Switch games to come out so far. The vibrant coloring and exciting hair of the main protagonist already give this entry a very different feel from its predecessors. 

We'll keep our eyes out and will update this page with everything you need to know about this upcoming game. It will be exciting to see if any other Emblems make their way onto the list of characters.  


Fire Emblem Engage

Play as a young person named Alear as you gather Emblem Rings and team up with heroes of the past to save the Continent of Elyos.

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