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GetGlue for iPhone and iPad [iTunes Link] are social networking sites where you can let your friends know what you're watching, reading, playing, or thinking about.  Similar to FourSquare and Gowalla, you check in to show your friends what you're up to.  You can also leave reviews on pretty much everything and people can then like your comments or let you know if they find them helpful.  As you check into things, you can earn stickers for your favorite items. You can also choose to have those stickers mailed to you once you collect 7. Click through for more screenshots and another video featuring the iPad version!

When signing up for GetGlue, you can choose two ways. You can either create a GetGlue account or just simply connect with FaceBook. After that, you can immediately start checking in and subscribing to other people's feeds. GetGlue recently released an iPad app in addition to their iPhone app. They also have a GetGlue app for Android users as well. The general feel of GetGlue somewhat reminds me of Netflix, which isn't a bad thing. Instead of NetFlix offering you suggestions simply based on your ratings and previous watched, your friends and followers can too. As you rate different movies, games, tv shows, and topics - you'll collect more stickers and see more recommendations tailored to your personal tastes.

I've been using GetGlue for a little over a month now and I really enjoy the service. I've found some interesting movies and shows through the app and through comments other users have left for me. GetGlue has also recently announced their partnerships with such networks like Fox, Showtime, PBS, HBO, and Universal. You can now collect exclusive stickers for shows such as The Big C, Dexter, Glee, and several others. Aside from checking in and viewing your subscriber feed from your iPhone or iPad, you can also log into GetGlue on your computer at GetGlue is free in the app store. If you've already checked it out, let us know what you think in the comments!


  • Learn about new movies, music, and shows through your friends and subscriptions
  • Easy sign-up with FaceBook connect
  • View trailers directly from movies or show pages
  • Wealth of info available for several titles


  • No retina display support for iPhone 4 (yet)
  • Multi-tasking doesn't appear to be present yet
  • Subscriber counts is off at times (probably a bug that can be easily addressed)

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