tvOS 12: Everything you need to know!

Here's absolutely everything you need to know from Apple's WWDC 2018 keynote in regards to new features and updates to tvOS.

What's new with tvOS 12?

The new Apple TV is a high-fidelity powerhouse (Times)

There are a couple of new updates when it comes to tvOS, but the biggest thing people are most excited for is the Dolby Atmos support.

With Atmos, you get room-filling sound that's unlike a traditional surround sound setup. Atmos completely immerses you in 3D sound, creating an experience with audio that flows all around you and makes you feel like you're right in the centre of whatever you're watching or listening to.

All of your movies will automatically get the Atmos upgrade for free. Oh! And iTunes offers the largest collection of 4K HDR movies, so all of your movies are also getting a 4k HDR upgrade for free.

Apple TV finally supports Dolby Atmos

Though the Apple TV already supports Dolby Vision, Apple promised Atmos support in the future. Well, the future is finally here, coming to tvOS 12. The world of surround sound is getting a major update.

What Dolby Atmos is and what it means for your Apple TV

Things get more lively in the TV app

You can watch Live news with the TV app which is similar to watching live sports. In fact, there's a huge range of live sports and new coverage with over 100+ video channels that will be available to watch in real-time.

Apple is also working with different companies in a number of countries to bring users easy access to Apple TV, with Charter Spectrum coming later this year to Apple TV for all Live channels and programs.

  • France = Canal+
  • Switzerland = Salt.
  • USA = Charter Spectrum

Users will also be able to have more remote control support thanks to different brands that have designed remotes that are compatible with Apple TV.

TV app: Everything you need to know!

Bye bye, Single Sign-On — Hello Zero Sign-On

Securely and automatically unlock all supported apps for your TV service with Zero Sign-On! Charter spectrum will be the first to support Zero Sign-On.

New Aerial backgrounds and Locations

Thanks to some photography-loving astronauts on the International Space Station, Apple has put together stunning backgrounds for your Apple TV screensaver. Fun fact: The Space Station Orbits every 90 minutes so you can see 16 sunrises and sunsets every day!

One other feature that's been added is the ability to see the location each and every photograph has come from that appears on your Apple TV screensaver with just the tap of your Siri Remote. You can also swipe to see more screensaver options.

When will the updates will be available?

The new updates will be available in the fall

What do you think?

Are you excited for tvOS 12? What is your favorite feature coming to a TV near you?

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