Glassboard private messaging app shutting down November 1

The Glassboard business chat service is closing its doors after failing to make money. Glassboard, which offered a way for groups, including businesses, teams, and families, to share a private running conversation, photos, locations, and files, launched in 2011 and has struggled to find a viable business model since then with sustainable revenues. And so, on November 1st, Glassboard is turning off.

Glassboard is at least offering users a way out by turning all accounts into premium accounts for the next month:

Starting next week, we will be converting everyone's account to a premium account for the remaining few weeks so that you can export your boards and keep an archive should you desire. We will also be disabling new user signups, and removing the apps from both the Android and iOS App Store.

Glassboard's emphasis on privacy and security turned out to not be enough to save the company from the realities of running a real business with real expenses. Though the app has gone through several updates on both Android and iOS, that they were never able to reach a critical mass of paying customers is dragging the service out of contention.

So the question is, for Glassboard users, to what do you turn now for your organizational communication?

Source: Glassboard

Derek Kessler

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