Go walletless with your iPhone 6 and the CandyShell Card

One of the iPhone 6's key features is Apple Pay, which lets you effortlessly buy things using nothing more than Touch ID. But there are still times you might need a physical credit card, your ID or insurance card. To get the best of both worlds, pick up Speck's CandyShell Card case for iPhone 6 (also available for iPhone 6 Plus).

Speck sells a lot of different CandyShell cases for iPhone 6 — ones with grippy material, bold graphic prints, and ones with integrated faceplates and more. But the CandyShell Card sports a unique adaptation on the back that enables you to hold up to three credit card-sized cards (or folded paper money), keeping you from having to drag your wallet or a purse out for a night on the town.

The CandyShell Card comes in four colors: Black with grey accents, white with gray accents, blue and purple, and purple and blue (different and fewer color combinations than the iPhone 5 CandyShell Card. I have a black case for my iPhone 6, which is Space Grey (black is always in fashion).

If you're already familiar with that case, you'll find the same dual-layer protection here: A shock-absorbent lining that protects the edges and back of the iPhone, covering volume and power buttons.

The glossy outer shell is a hard, impact-resistant material that scuffs and scratches fairly easily, but better that than the iPhone 6, right? I might recommend a lighter color to help the case cover inevitable dings and scratches more easily.

Cutouts provide access to the hold switch, headphone jack and Lightning port, and a large opening over the speaker keeps your voice from getting muffled. The Lightning port opening is large enough to comfortably accommodate most third-party Lightning cables.

The patented design keeps cards securely in place. Inside the pocket on the back of the CandyShell Card is a rubberized surface that provides a little bit of traction for any cards or money contained therein. The shape of the inside of the case presses out to hold the cards in place. A cutout in the case's hard outer shell makes it easy to push out cards or money using your thumb. Its orientation favors right-handed users, unless you hold the case upside down when you're pushing cards out.

The good

  • Go walletless
  • Carry three cards or paper money
  • Dual-layer protection

The bad

  • Fewer color choices than before
  • Black case scuffs easily

The bottom line

We're still not at the point where most of us can get away with just using Apple Pay when we're out. The CandyShell Card case for iPhone 6 helps us get the rest of the way there by storing just what we need for a night out on the town right in our pocket.

  • I've always been wary of these cases. While I'm always extra careful with both my phone and my wallet, putting them both together would make me worse. I'd be even more concerned about losing my phone - because now it has my cards inside it... Nifty idea though but I'd rather keep them separate. Has anyone used them before and not had that feeling of what if I lost it? Sent from the iMore App
  • I have been using card cases since I had my 3s. I never forget my phone but have forgotten my wallet countless times. I'm more of a fan for the concealed compartments though. This case just screams "Steal my cards please". The bonus to having your cards and money attached to your phone is that you now have GPS on your wallet with find my iPhone. Unfortunately there are no, really well designed card cases for the 6plus so I'll have to go back to my old wallet for awhile. Sent from the iMore App
  • Any brand recommendations for a card case for iPhone 6?
  • This is the case I have! Love it!!! It's a little stiff to open sometimes but well worth the security and knowing your cards won't fall out. It advertises to carry 2 cards but I carry 3 credits with no problem.
    http://www.amazon.com/iPhone-Verus-Damda-Slide-Silver/dp/B00NHZZ1ZY%3Fps... Sent from the iMore App
  • iPhone 6 Plus Case, Verus [Card Slot Case] iPhone 6 Plus 5.5" Case Sent from the iMore App
  • I've come to love my BookBook for iPhone 6 Plus.. I still need a little more room than the CandyShell can provide... Plus, the new BookBook hardshell part detaches from the Book part to become just a stand-alone hard shell case.. and the BookBook can be a stand.. https://www.twelvesouth.com/product/bookbook-for-iphone-6?ref=affiliate-12
  • Hey Peter, any truth to the idea that phones (Even with one of these cases on) can cause issues with hotel room keycards and debit card stripes? Whenever I went on vacation I'd go through a room key a day and once I kept my cards away from my phone the problem went away. It looks nice but I'd be weary of it because of this.
  • I've used these types of cases for years and never had an issue with any of my credit cards... Room keys I don't know! Sent from the iMore App
  • Pad & Quill's book-type wallet case is the best--better than Book Book. The leather work is top-notch and the wood used to protect the phone is light and makes taking the phone out quick and easy.
  • That's great! Show everyone that you have credit cards available to steal. I use this case!
    http://www.amazon.com/iPhone-Verus-Damda-Slide-Silver/dp/B00NHZZ1ZY%3Fps... Sent from the iMore App
  • No cigarette lighter included, no sale!!
  • I like the idea of these wallet type cases, but can never get past the bulk they add to the phone itself. Whenever I buy a new phone I almost always buy a case with it only to take the case off after a month or so. I've always liked the feel of a naked phone and have found my 5s to be fairly scratch resistant. I have maybe three to four almost invisible nicks by the chamfered edges, but other than that, no scratches on the back yet. I am always mindful of where I lay my phone and when walking about always resides in my front pocket unless it is being used.
  • Good review. I like Speck and their cases. For wallet style, I'd also recommend the BookBook by twelve south. Or a Pad &Quill Pocket Book. Sent from the iMore App