Brilliant Home ControlSource: Brilliant

What you need to know

  • Brilliant's home control system now supports Nest integration. Again.
  • The integration has been broken for 18 months, ever since Google killed the APIs required for it to work.

It's taken 18 months, but Nest thermostat support is back for those who enjoy their Brilliant smart home system. Nest thermostats have been dead in the water for Brilliant users for far too long, ever since Google killed off the API that was needed for the integration to work. That's all changed now, however.

Brilliant makes some very popular smart home control panels and other accessories that allow some of the more advanced homes to control all kinds of things with a touch. It was a blow when Brilliant lost support for Nest thermostats. Things re now looking up, however, with Brilliant saying the move "brings consumer's homes and all of their devices closer to being a truly united smart home and signals a major step forward for the smart home industry."

Brilliant Nest IntegrationSource: Brilliant

The new-old integration will allow Brilliant users to control their Nest thermostats via their control panels for the first time in coming up to two years. Hopefully it'll hang around forever from now on out, but this being Google you never really do know, do you?