Google updates Chrome for iOS 7, better Google Apps integration

Google's suite of apps for iOS already look pretty swell in iOS 7, but that hasn't stopped Mountain View today pushing out an update to the Chrome Browser. Beyond a slightly tweaked look and feel for iOS 7, the headline news here is better integration with Google's other apps for iOS.

It’s now easier to switch between Chrome and your favorite Google Apps on your mobile device. Sign in to Chrome on your iPhone or iPad, and the next time you open another Google app, you can login with one simple click. Easily add or remove accounts in Settings.

Single sign-in is something that has been creeping out through Google's apps in recent weeks, and if you're heavily invested in them, it's a tool of ultimate convenience. Additionally, links within Chrome can now directly open in the respective YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Drive and Google+ apps on your device. This is entirely optional, too, and all can be enabled or disabled at the tap of a button.

Voice Search also gets some new goodies, with the ability to now string together more than one voice search at one time:

Try it out by asking:

  • “Who is the prime minister of Canada?” and then, “How old is he?”
  • “How many people live in Pennsylvania?” and then, “When did it become a state?”
  • “Who directed Star Trek Into Darkness?” and then, “Who is his wife?”

Love them or hate them, Google's apps are among the finest examples iOS has to offer. Grab the latest version of Chrome from the App Store at the download link below. Are you using Chrome, or since you can't set it as default browser are you still drawn back to Safari?

Source: Google

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