Griffin Binder Insert Case for iPad review

The Griffin Binder Insert Case for iPad is a brilliant idea. I'm actually shocked I haven't seen more of these! It seems like the prefect accessory for those headed back to school.

The basic idea for the Griffin Binder Insert Case is this -- take an iPad case, press three standard spaced holes along one side, and make it perfectly fit a school or work binder. I love it. There's even a built-in pen holder which you can use for a regular pen to take your paper notes, a stylus to take your iPad notes, or even better, a hybrid stylus pen that lets you do both all in one.

The Griffin Binder Insert Case makes it easy to get your iPad 2 or new iPad in or out. It's also bi-directional, with the same cutouts on both sides, so it doesn't matter which way you put it in. It has a soft, plush suede-like interior to protect your iPad's back, and a really nice looking stitched black faux-leather exterior so it works well not just for school, but in business and executive settings as well.

The construction on the Griffin Binder Insert Case is really solid, even the stitching. It's not real leather, but that cuts down on the price and makes it more environmentally friendly if that's a concern. In my tests it held up to all the binder-thowing, desk tossing, and (not locker) door slamming I could come up with. Depending on how thick your binder is, and how many notes you have in it, the paper even works as extra protection.

And stealth! What better way to hide an iPad than in the plain site of your workbook?

The good

  • Good looking and durable
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient

The bad

  • Not real leather
  • Won't appeal to non-binder users (of course!)

The conclusion

If you or anyone you know has an iPad and uses binders, be it for school or for work, the Griffin Binder Insert Case is an excellent buy. It lets you keep your digital workbook and traditional workbook -- your iPad and papers -- in once convenient place, with room for your stylus, or pen, or stylus pen as well!

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