Grip2ü Slim Grip iPhone Case review: Prevent the drop

Have been looking for a case that gives a better grip on your iPhone while still allowing you to use a wireless charger? The Grip2ü Slim Grip iPhone Case fits the bill. This particular model is quite slim, but a band on the back stretches to allow you to put one or more fingers through it, giving you a solid grip.

The Good

  • Secure grip band
  • Slim but protective
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • Appealing colors and patterns
  • Interchangeable bands

The Bad

  • Tight grip band causes soreness over time

Secure grip, minimal form

Grip2ü Slim Grip iPhone Case: Features

Grip2ü Slim Grip iPhone Case

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Case grips have gotten popular as selfies have gone mainstream. Grip rings, PopSockets, and the like are great for keeping your phone in your hand when you need to use it one-handed. Not just for selfies, a secure grip is just a smart way to help prevent phone drops. Unfortunately, adding a grip of any kind onto the back of your phone can interfere with wireless charging. The Grip2ü Slim Grip iPhone Case has a built-in grip band that doesn't interfere with wireless charging at all, even with my pickiest wireless chargers. While it's not a barely-there, minimal case, it is quite a slim case even with the grip band. Since this is a thinner case, it's not going to be as protective as a heavy-duty one.

The Grip2ü Slim Grip iPhone Case is a hard plastic case with a soft interior sticker to prevent scratches. The lip of the case is ever so slightly higher than screen level to prevent face-down scratching. The cut-outs for the camera module and the mute switch are sized just right. The button covers over the Sleep/Wake and volume buttons look cool, and they work fine. The bottom of the case is totally cut out, exposing the speakers and Lightning port completely. Although it means the bottom of your iPhone gets no scratch protection, the bottoms of hard plastic cases have to be open like that in order to be able to get the case on and off.

The Grip2ü Slim Grip iPhone Case is certainly slim, yet it provides excellent phone grip.

The grip band is built-in, as opposed to attached with an adhesive, so there is no chance of it falling off at an inopportune moment. In fact, the only way to remove the band is to take the whole case off of the phone first. You can purchase multiple bands and swap them out for different looks. The mechanism is something like a toilet paper roll holder, it's not going to happen accidentally. It was actually pretty challenging for me to change out the band.

The case has a slight indentation around the band, so the band really doesn't add much thickness to the case. I can stick one finger in the band and get a totally secure hold on my iPhone without involving any other fingers. I can also stick two, three, or even four fingers in there, the band is that stretchy. Unfortunately, the band is so tight that it takes some effort to get a finger under the band. Worse, my fingers are squeezed so tight in there, they get sore with extended use. Even if I only put one finger in there, it's sore after a few minutes of texting. For someone who uses a grip only occasionally and for a minute here and there, for example, to take selfies, this is a great solution. If you like to use a grip most of the time, this wouldn't be the ideal case for you.

Just right

Grip2ü Slim Grip iPhone Case: What I like

I do like a phone grip, especially when I'm traveling or in other situations where I'm going to be taking my phone out frequently, taking photos for example. I also like to be able to charge wirelessly, so Grip2ü offers a nice solution here, as the grip band doesn't interfere with wireless charging whatsoever. This is also a nice, slim form factor, and there are several different colors and patterns from which to choose. Unlike grips attached with adhesive, you don't have to worry about it falling off. Plus, you can purchase extra grip bands and swap them out for different looks. Most of their cases are pretty neutral, such as the Urban Camo shown here, so mixing and matching is easy.

Grip2ü Slim Grip iPhone Case

Ouchy fingers

Grip2ü Slim Grip iPhone Case: What I don't like

If I have a grip on my iPhone case, I tend to use it a lot. And after using this grip band for many minutes in a row, my finger is sore. Maybe I'm just the Princess and the Pea, but even after setting my phone down, my finger is still throbbing. That said, this won't be an issue for you if you only use the grip to take a photo and then remove your finger for normal phone use.

A solution to consider

Grip2ü Slim Grip iPhone Case: Bottom line

Despite my poor sore fingers, Grip2ü does have a nice grip solution here. The case is thin enough to charge wirelessly right through the grip band. The grip band is securely installed and can be switched out if you want to buy bands in different colors. Grip2ü does also make a thicker, more protective case with a built-in kickstand if that's more to your taste.

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