GVIEWIN iPhone Case review: Ultra-thin and chic

GVIEWIN iPhone Case
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If you're in the market for an ultra-slim case, consider the GVIEWIN iPhone case. The designs are beautiful and unique amongst the thinnest of the thin cases. With thoughtful touches such as a raised lip around the iPhone screen and camera, this minimalist case is worth your consideration.

The Good

  • Attractive
  • Ultra-slim
  • Screen and camera lip
  • Comes with glass screen protector
  • Comes with keychain and lanyard
  • Inexpensive
  • Wireless charging compatible

The Bad

  • Not protective enough for major drops

Slimmest protection

GVIEWIN iPhone Case: Features

GVIEWIN iPhone Case

This is one of the slimmest cases I've ever reviewed. It's an absolute minimum case for people who don't really want to use a case but want to at least protect the iPhone from scratches and very minor drops. However, it still has a 0.3-millimeter raised edge around the iPhone screen for face-down protection. There is also a 2-millimeter lip around the camera to protect it from contacting any surface when you place your phone face up.

There are cutouts for the camera, mute switch, Lightning port, and speakers. Raised buttons cover the Sleep/Wake and volume buttons. The phone is fully functional within the case, of course, including wireless charging. Two tiny holes on the bottom edge of one side allow you to attach the two-piece keychain and lanyard that comes with this case. You can attach just the keychain piece and carry your keys along with your phone. Or, you can add the lanyard as well and wear your phone around your neck or over your shoulder.

This is the perfect case for the stylish minimalist.

In addition to the keychain/lanyard, the case also comes with a glass screen protector. It's not quite an edge-to-edge screen protector, but it works fine.

The case is flexible so it's easy to put on and take off. Because the case has such a glossy finish, it looks like it might be slippery, but it's not. While the edges don't have textured ridges for grip, they have a partly matte finish that provides sufficient grip for my purposes.

You get a choice of several different beautiful and colorful patterns. Most of the cases have a marble pattern like my Pink/Gold case. There are also other faux marble colors such as Green/Gold, Black/Gold, White/Gold, and White/Gray. There are other patterns such as Bubble/Pink (a dot pattern) for the iPhone XS.

Minimum case, maximum style

GVIEWIN iPhone Case: What I like

Unless I've used up my AppleCare+ protection, I prefer to use a thin iPhone case. This case is about as thin as a case can get; the only thinner case would just be a decal. It's easy to slip into my pocket or purse and adds almost no weight to my phone. I don't find it slippery and I'm confident that my iPhone won't pick up scratches. While I have no illusions that this case would protect my iPhone in a major drop onto a hard surface, it will at least protect it from my everyday fumbles around the house. Most of the ultra-thin cases are plain, but I love the way this case looks and feels.

GVIEWIN iPhone Case

Not for drops

GVIEWIN iPhone Case: What I don't like

I would not expect this case to protect your phone from a drop from several feet in the air onto hard surfaces. If you're looking for serious protection, look elsewhere.

Stylish minimalist

GVIEWIN iPhone Case: Bottom line

This chic case is so thin you'll barely feel it. The flip side of that thinness is that it cannot offer very much protection. It wouldn't be suitable for people who tend to drop their phones. With thoughtful touches like a screen and camera lip, keychain/lanyard, and glass screen protector, this is a fun case that won't break the bank.

GVIEWIN has created two coupon codes for iMore readers with no expiration date. Use code W56W38QT on Amazon for 20 percent off the iPhone X/XS case only. For all other models, you can use code iMore20 for 20 percent off all cases on GVIEWIN's website.

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