Okay, this one got me right in my geek heart. An iPhone case with Han Solo on the back. Frozen in carbonite. Just like in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. I can't really do a proper review of this iPhone case. At least the case part. Don't get me wrong, it's serviceable enough -- a slim, well fashioned black skin case. But it's nothing more than that. And why should it be? This case is all about Solo.

The high resolution Han Solo pictures dominates the Han Solo Groovin in Carbonite - Star Wars Parody Case for iPhone. It's photo-realistic and it looks great. It looks so good, in fact, you might think it's a carving. You might think it's 3D. It isn't. It's just a picture. Yet it's still impressive. Most impressive.

It's available on Etsy from iCaseSeraSera and comes with black, white, or clear sides. The Han Solo image is printed onto an aluminum insert that fits the back of the molded plastic case. The current version features carbonite Han Solo rocking out to an iPhone. (That's one of the things I like best about Etsy -- small batch products can be updated frequently and so there's always something fresh and new.)

The good

  • Perfect for Star Wars geeks

The bad

  • Won't appeal to non-Star Wars geeks


If you're an iPhone user and a total Star Wars geek, check out the Han Solo Groovin in Carbonite - Star Wars Parody Case for iPhone.

You love it.

I know.

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