Hands-on with the ecobee3 smart thermostat

Earlier this month, ecobee has introduced the ecobee3 smarter wi-fi thermostat and wireless remote sensors. What makes it stand out is that it can measure temperature and occupancy in multiple locations, resulting in increased comfort when you're home and energy savings when you're away. We got up close and personal with the ecobee3 on Monday. Go watch the video!

The ecobee3 features a 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen display with a newly designed user interface. Working with its remote sensors, the ecobee3 recognizes which rooms are occupied and automatically adjusts the temperature based on the readings in those rooms. The more sensors you add, the smarter your ecobee3 becomes at delivering comfort where it matters and savings where it counts.

The iOS and Android apps have a very similar user interface from the actual thermostat.

The ecobee3 smart thermostat with remote sensor is available now in the US and Canada for $249 through their website, ecobee.com. It comes with one free wireless remote sensor. Additional remote sensors can be purchased in a package of two for $79. Do you want this in your home? Let us know what you think!

Mark Guim

But first, let me take a selfie.