Sneak preview of Remarks note-taking and PDF annotating app for iPad

Remarks is a brand new handwriting note-taking, and PDF annotating app for iPad from Readdle. I'm convinced the team at Readdle never sleeps because they release new apps, and update their catalog of existing apps, at pretty fast pace. They've focused on PDF lately, seeing a need for good editing, form filling, and annotating on iPad, and Remarks extends that expertise in a really interesting way.

Live at Macworld 2012, Readdle takes us hands on with their new handwriting style not-taking app. Whether you use a finger or a stylus, Remarks records your every stroke and because the iPad's capacitive screen isn't ideal for fine-grain, fine point detection, Remarks provides a handy "zoomed-in" mode so you can write out your notes in large scale, complete with scroll and new-line detection.

PDF editing and annotation is also built right in. You can add text, lines, and all the other standards, as well as move pages around and extra pages for easier, smaller-sized sharing. Not having to mail a full, 20MB file when all you marked up is a couple pages is most welcome. Add in Dropbox support and you start to get close to productivity nirvana.

Remarks has been submitted to the App Store and should be available in the next couple of days for $9.99.

Hit the link below to browse all of Readdle's apps for iPhone or iPad, and read on for the details on Remarks.

Write down your thoughts, sketch new ideas and diagrams, or annotate PDF documents during the university lectures, brain storming or just on the sofa at home.

  • Add Notes Quickly. Only one tap is needed to start new a note.Exchange files with Mac/PC
  • Use a USB cable and iTunes File Sharing to copy notes.Edit your notes on the Mac/PC
  • Make changes into your notes using any PDF editor like Preview or Adobe Reader.Annotate Email Attachments
  • Open PDF attachments directly from the Mail app to annotate them.Share Notes With Your Friends
  • Email notes to friends with remarks and they will be able to edit it like their own.Import PDFs from Dropbox
  • Use "Open In" to transfer documents from Dropbox, Box.Net, Safari and other applications.

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