iPhone 4 Canada coming soon

Apple Online Canada has changed the date for iPhone 4 release from "July" to "soon", while the Australian and New Zealand Apple Online Stores only show iPhone 3GS -- no iPhone 4 in sight.

Thin, yes, but when you consider US sales of the iPad on April 3 were higher than expected to the degree all international iPad releases were pushed back a month, it's not like it's out of the realm of possibility. 600,000+ iPhone 4 pre-orders and US delivery dates getting pushed further and further back into July -- yeah, it raises eyebrows.

Will a rush on stage 1 iPhone 4 release countries push back stage 2 countries? We're hoping not, but we're keeping both eyes fixed on those pages.

If you're still waiting for iPhone 4 in your country, tell us what you see, and what you think.

[store.apple.com/ca via @havvac]