One year ago today Apple held their iPhone 3.0 SDK Sneak Peak event and released iPhone 3.0 Beta 1, giving all of us our first look at cut, copy, and paste, MMS, tethering, Spotlight search, Voice Memo, in-app purchases, turn-by-turn navigation, stereo Bluetooth, pervasive landscape keyboard, P2P gaming, and whole bunch more.

Now, a year later, we've gone to version 3.1.3 release and 3.2 beta, from 30 million iPhone and iPod touch devices on the market to over 75 million (and 150 thousand iPad pre-orders), and don't even get us started about the apps.

So happy birthday iPhone 3.0, and if it isn't indelicate of us to say, should you see iPhone 4.0 lounging around the Apple labs, please do tell it to hurry along. We're about ready to preview it now.