Have you seen this weird Nike Apple Watch bug that moves digits around the watch face?

Apple Watch showing misaligned digit
Apple Watch showing misaligned digit (Image credit: Barry McCaughaner)

What you need to know

  • Some Nike Apple Watch Series 5 users have noticed a weird problem.
  • The Hybrid Hybrid watch face has a secret – it likes to move digits.
  • Users have noticed fill effects don't match their outlines.

Some owners of Nike Apple Watch Series 5 wearables have noticed a weird bug that only seems to affect the Hybrid Nike watch face. According to multiple Reddit reports – and photos – sometimes a digit's fill effect doesn't match its outline, causing a strange shadow-like look. Other times, the whole ething just moves around.

It actually looks pretty cool in some instances. Or at least it would if it did it to all of the digits, but it doesn't. Instead, it seems to primarily affect digits beside a '1'. Check it out in the header image. A less obvious example, this time of a whole digit moving, is below, too.

Apple Watch showing misaligned digit

Apple Watch showing misaligned digit (Image credit: The65thPotatoOverlord)

Restarting the watch doesn't seem to improve matters, so it's a big shrug from me. The first Reddit post detailing this is from four months ago so it isn't a new problem. Another is from yesterday, so it isn't one that's been fixed, either.

Granted, this isn't high on the list of things that Apple needs to fix but it's another bug that really shouldn't be happening. I get it, software is hard. But when you've made a watch that can track everything from your steps to your heart health, surely making digits look correct is the low hanging fruit, right?

Have you had problems like this? Shout out in the comments if you have.

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  • I had this exact issue a couple of months ago. It went on for 3-4 weeks and was incredibly aggravating. I brought it in to my nearest Apple store and had a Genius appointment. They ran some diagnostics and concluded that there was nothing wrong with the watch’s battery. I had backed up and restored the watch twice with no improvement in the problem. They suggested a couple more things that I could try before bringing it back and sending it in for repair/replacement. The thing that worked for me was to go into the Settings app on my phone and Reset Network Settings. That sucked for numerous reasons, but it did the trick and the battery has been fine since - it counts down at a regular pace from 100% again, makes it through a full day and charges up in the morning while I’m getting ready for the day, and doesn’t die unexpectedly anymore! Perhaps that would work for you?
  • I have a series 1 for almost 3 years. Only time I’ve had a battery problem is when I workout for more than an hour or 2 and when I placed it on a charger holder that didn’t fit the charger just right so it didn’t connect with the watch I have a case on. I fixed the charger holder so the charger pokes out more and I simply don’t use workout when I kayak.