Headset Review: The Jawbone 2 Bluetooth Headset

Just off of the reviewing the original Jawbone bluetooth headset comes its sequel: The Jawbone...2. This headset takes what made the original so great and takes it to the next level in terms of size. Does this headset live up to its older brother? Or will its smaller size make it less competitive? What makes this bluetooth headset so great its the noise canceling technology; it is truly remarkable. Let's start off with the basics though, shall we?

What's in the box:

I really enjoy the Jawbone packaging. Black mixed with clear plastic. It not only looks good, but professional and very trendy. Be warned however, once disassembled, it is near impossible to reassemble. You are then left with many small compartments that once housed the phone. I am still trying to determine what to do with all of the sub-components... but I digress. 

The headset has three molded ear pieces. This is a couple less than the previous model, but these are actually way more comfortable and are simple circles of varying sizes and thickness. You also receive four ear rungs to place over your ear. There is nothing in the instruction book, but I think these are optional, more on that later. The AC adapter for the Jawbone is very compact and it allows for the 2 prongs to recess into the adapter body, saving you some potential space. 

Size and build:

This headset is slightly smaller than your average bluetooth headset and is crafted with great build quality. This headset feels just as sturdy as the previous model, but smaller. One of my complaints with the previous model was that, though efficient, it was rather large. You no longer have to worry about people staring at you as you walk done the street with this headset on your ear. 

The plastic is solid, molded into two halves to form the headset. There is still the clear plastic sensor towards the mouthpiece that must rest against your cheek.

Feel in the ear, fit:

The Jawbone is very light and is snug in your ear. The three ear molds do an excellent job of fitting in your ear. The additional ear rungs also allow you to adjust the fit accordingly. Interesting to note that two of the ear rungs are wrapped in leather and two are not. I happen to like the leather wrappings, it makes the ear rung thicker and more comfortable. 

I do not have any problems with the headset staying in my ear as I did with the previous model. The combination of the redesigned ear pieces and ear rungs make for a snug fit that I do not feel will fall off my ear and is comfortable. So comfortable in fact, I removed the ear rung to see if it was possible to use it without. Sure enough, it is! This way, it is held in place by placing the headset in your ear a-la the Apple bluetooth headset. Having said this however, There were a couple of times where the headset has popped out. The same thing happens with the Apple device, just be careful.

The only issue I had with this device from a "fit" perspective is this; I was laying in bed on my back looking at the ceiling, calling a friend of mine. My friend kept saying he could not hear me. This is odd because the noise cancellation is where this headset excels. I thought about it for a second and I realized that the instruction book specifically says that the clear plastic sensor must be touching your cheek at all times. Lying on my back, the headset had drifted away from my cheek. So, unlike a traditional bluetooth headset, you have to make sure the Jawbone is touching your cheek. Though not annoying or uncomfortable, it is limiting the means in which you can talk. 

Sound quality:

Exceptional. The technology used is called "Noise Assassin" as Jawbone has coined it. This is how it works: 

The device has a sensor that rests against your cheek. This tells the headset what your voice is. When it sends the voice signal to the phone to get processed, in essence, anything that is NOT your voice gets filtered out. Pretty amazing stuff, huh. I have driven with the window down and even tried calling a friend with the lawnmower going. People on the other end hear just a little background noise... just a little, but nothing to tip them off that you are driving or mowing the lawn. The only real issue is for you, the wearer. You see, there comes a point when the noise is too loud for you to hear anything... the Jawbone does a great job of automatically increasing the volume, but there does come a point where it is frivolous. Just be aware of this and use some common sense in noisy areas. 

Battery Life & Charging:

The Jawbone gets over 4 hours of talk time and almost 10 days of standby time. That may seem like a lot, but they are the extremes. For most phones, the 4 hours of talk time might even eclipse the talk time of their phones. I am packing an iPhone and that only covers about half of the time I need. Realistically, I don't talk that long on a daily basis on my phone, so this is a minor gripe since I charge the headset almost daily when I am using it. 


This is one awesome headset. Not the smallest out there, but not the biggest either, it sure looks good though. But it also does what few other headsets can do; eliminate background noise. I think your next headset purchase might have just been made.

Ratings (out of 5)

  • Size and build: 4
  • Feel and fit: 5
  • Outgoing sound quality: 5
  • Incoming sound quality: 5
  • Battery life: 4

Overall: 4.6


  • Amazing audio quality
  • Looks cool, you even have a bling gold color option too
  • Plenty of sizing options
  • Comfortable
  • Great battery life


  • Not ideal to where in all situations

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