Here's why you shouldn't upgrade to iOS 7...yet

At some point in the next 24 hours or so, Apple should unleash the first public release of iOS 7 upon the world. Millions - and I mean millions - of iOS device users will install it. But I encourage you to exercise caution. Why? Let me explain.

The hype around iOS 7 is exceptional. Since its first unveiling in June, we've been enticed with iOS 7's flat design, its reworking of essential user interface elements and its brand new features. And it is a major change for iOS users, regardless of whether you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Apple's legion of registered third-party developers have faithfully downloaded the beta releases, have learned their way around the new and improved developer tools, and many of them have already updated their apps to make them work well with iOS 7. Many more are behind them, bringing their code up to snuff for the new release.

But that's still a work in progress, and that brings me to my first point.

Your apps and services might break

As I said at the outset, iOS 7 is a significant rework of iOS. It's arguably the most significant change to iOS since iOS was first introduced. That change is going to come with a few growing pains. One of them is that not all apps are going to be ready for iOS 7 on day one.

Just anecdotally, I've been seeing loads of apps I use every day updated. I know developers are doing a good job of getting their stuff ready for the new release. But I've also had a few talks with developers who aren't ready. Along with others who are biting their nails, hoping Apple's review team gets their apps up in the store in time for the iOS 7 release.

Some developers are also taking the route of replacing old apps with entirely new ones, optimized for iOS 7 and with other new features, that they're charging money for. After all, the App Store still provides no direct way for developers to charge for upgrades. So even if your apps are all "up to date," that doesn't mean they'll all work with iOS 7.

Even if they work, some apps will look like crap

iOS 7's most ballyhooed feature is its new look and feel. That change is pretty radical. And while a lot of apps coming from iOS 6 will work, many of those haven't been reworked to look nice on iOS 7. They haven't adopted iOS 7's new visual language. That'll come in time, but it's a process.

In the interim, you're going to see a mishmosh of apps that are up to date with iOS 7's fundamental design and user interface changes, and those that aren't. If you're looking for consistency, you'll need to wait until all your apps have been updated or replaced with new versions.

Your older device may not support iOS 7, or may not support it well

Bear in mind that iOS 7 doesn't work on all iOS devices. If you're using any iPhone prior to an iPhone 4, for example, you're out of luck. Original iPads are out of luck. And any iPod touch prior to the fifth-general current model doesn't qualify, either.

But more than that, even if your device does make the cut, it may be a diminished experience. If you have an iPhone 4 or an iPad 2, for example, it might be worth waiting and seeing what the experience is like for other users of the same hardware. Sometimes devices right on the edge of minimum system requirements don't provide the best user experience with the newest software.

You probably don't have to be on the bleeding edge

If you have a legitimate reason to upgrade to iOS 7 on day one, don't let me stop you - go right ahead. If iOS 7 has some absolutely critical feature that you need, or something that's going to make your device use experience or your life way better, then by all means install it.

But if the best reason you can come up with is "because it looks cool and I want to give it a try," stop yourself for a moment and ask yourself: Is the novelty of using iOS 7 worth the potential risk in stability and the impact on my productivity?

If the answer is no, you may want to take a back seat on this one and let other users try out iOS 7 before you. While there's something to be said for being the first kid on your block with a shiny new toy, don't paint yourself in a corner by killing your ability to work, either.

You haven't backed it up

Please, please, please make sure you've backed up any iOS device you plan to install iOS 7. Back up your data to iCloud, if you're using iCloud backups. Tether your iOS device(s) to your Mac or PC and back them up using iTunes.

And while you're at it, you may want to use the opportunity to do a little bit of spring (fall?) cleaning. If there are apps installed on your iOS device that you're not using, by all means use this opportunity to delete them. You'll be saving space on your device for new iOS 7-optimized apps, and unburdening yourself from stuff you don't need in the process.

You won't be able to downgrade

If you do upgrade to iOS 7 and find the experience lacking, there isn't a mechanism for reinstalling iOS 6 afterwards. Even your backups won't help you there - they save application files and settings, data and so on, but not iOS itself.

Certainly, developers have been able to downgrade to iOS 6 from the iOS 7 releases (and the GM release), but all that changes once the general release is out in the world. Apple doesn't want you to go back to iOS 6, they want everyone who can to march into the bright new future together.

Your device is jailbroken

If you've jailbroken your iOS device and you want to continue to use whatever tweaks you've installed, you'll need to stick with iOS 6 for now. While prominent iOS jailbreak developers say they're working on the problem, no one is going to have a working, public jailbreak on day one. So if you want to keep using your device jailbroken, you'll have to stick with iOS 6 for now.

Expect more updates from Apple

Almost inevitably, x.0 software releases from Apple are followed in fairly quick succession by x.01 updates. After all, Apple can't fix everything all at once, and there was a line in the sand that Apple's own developers had to make in order to create a GM version in preparation for release. Certainly Apple's tried to fix as much as it can, including total showstoppers.

But stuff happens. So if you can get away with it, it may be a good idea to wait out the initial rush of iOS 7 downloads to get a sense of what works, what doesn't, and what's left to fix or optimize, before hopping on board. Apple will clean as much up as it can with the next few incremental maintenance updates, I'm sure.

There are a lot of good reasons to get iOS 7, but nothing in it is going to be helpful if you can't get your work done with your device. So if you can, wait a little bit before jumping in.

Are you planning to get iOS 7 as soon as it comes out? Or does waiting sound like a better idea? I'm interested to hear from you, so please let me know what you think in the comments below.

Peter Cohen
  • Knowing who I am doesn't help your cause. If "unpc" has gotten under your skin you still should rise above it. Your unprofessionalism as a person of position at imore combined w/ this lack of decorum, and this "I think it's funny attitude" does lead me to think there's a issue. We aren't on a playground and the way you have decided to engage me here leads me to think that you might me having a late night, long day, hard time at work or something going on unrelated to my critique of your perspective and work. I think you need to step back and get perspective.... as I said before..... You seem more determined to tell me off than move on be above it and really that's the best way to prove me wrong. Calling me a troll and full of shit and lousy is great to express your frustration but you're not winning anything by trying to tell me off. It's positioning to you to appear more and more simple.
  • I will be updating as soon as it becomes available to me.
  • Yap, has no sense waiting till next year for update the OS.
  • Me too.
  • Agreed! You gotta be out ya damn mind to suggest I wait. LOL! Give it to me NOW! :o)
  • I agree...this sort of "wait and see" approach is antiquated. What are we talking about here Mac OS 8.0? It's freaking worst there may be a few minor bugs. My advice...update ASAP and enjoy.
  • I updated to iOS 7 immediately during WWDC, so for 3 months have been using it. The first week, it crashed almost hourly, and many third-party apps wouldn't even launch. Of course, those issues were fixed (by Apple), and right now it is almost as stable as iOS 6.1.4 (its predecessor) (not bad for a Beta). Our company has tested on several devices, and with good results. Go for it! (Make a backup first, on your computer, through iTunes).
  • Did you have trouble texting people who still had iOS 6 after updating? Because my friends still has iOS 6 and we aren't able to talk at the moment because I have iOS 7 and he doesn't. Is there any way you could help me?
  • Best place to post is in the Apple Support forums, but I'll take a stab. You say texting and then later you say you can't talk. Do you mean phone calls? That never was an issue. Texting, the problem with the early betas was sometimes iMessage would get turned off, so texts went out as SMS. We never had trouble texting, but it depends on whether you are doing them as SMS (green) or iMessage (blue). If green, then it is your mobile carrier. If blue, then it is Apple Support you need to call. And, so you are saying that you *only* have trouble texting friends with iPhones and iOS 6, but if they have a non-iPhone or iOS 7 it is fine? The only thing that may make sense here, is an article I read recently about how, if you used to have an iPhone and had iMessage turned on to your cell number, then didn't turn it off, and went to a different OS (like Android), then it takes up to 30 days for the iMessage servers to recognize you no longer use iMessage service and disable your phone number from iMessage.
  • Yeah but you will be the first to bitch!
  • Apple would have tested with a control group. So I agree the "wait & see" approach is antiquated. That goes for ANY application along with ANY OS platform. Also, you need to provide feedback in order for advancement. BUT it is always good practice to back-up everything and make sure your warranties are in effect before doing so. . .
  • I read the whole thing. I agree I w should wait especially since I lost the password to my twitter and if I log out I can't log back in. But I'm gonna upgrade anyway lol.
  • If you can't log in because you forgot your password, just click on "forgot password" on the log in page, you will be able to reset it. This goes for almost all apps btw.
  • I'll be updating too. "Your apps and services might break"
    ** None of the developers or others running iOS 7 GM have reported any problems running apps. "Even if they work, some apps will look like crap"
    ** If you liked the design of an app you were using before, it will still be that way until the developer decides to redesign it. Nothing will change in the app's design when you upgrade to iOS 7. "Your older device may not support iOS 7, or may not support it well"
    ** Yes, for the iPhone 4 some of the new features of iOS 7 are disabled by Apple due to the older hardware... but you still get many great new features in iOS 7. To say that you shouldn't upgrade because older devices won't have 100% of the features that newer devices will have, is senseless. "You probably don't have to be on the bleeding edge"
    ** Telling readers that there is a "potential risk in stability" in iOS 7 is pure FUD. The GM of iOS 7 has proven itself to be just as stable as any previous release. "You haven't backed it up"
    ** iTunes 11's settings to "automatically back up" on every sync, is a radio button with choices to back up to "iCloud" or to "This computer". There is no "off" setting, so it is very unlikely that the device is not backed up. "You won't be able to downgrade"
    ** This has always been the case with upgrades to new versions of iOS (without jail-breaking). It is nothing new. "Your device is jailbroken"
    ** People who jailbreak their iOS devices know that Evasi0n iOS 7 jailbreak isn't complete yet, but that it will be available very soon. "Expect more updates from Apple"
    ** Apple constantly updates iOS (and OS X), we are currently at iOS 6.1.4. Since iOS 7 has been shown to be very stable (no major bugs or deal-breakers) it will be "safe" to upgrade.
  • Sh*t VR , U make it sound sweet as skittles ! F*ck it ! I'm upgrading my 4!
  • ViewRoyal I was scared because of this kind of advices, but the way you put it makes me realize that I have nothing to lose and many things to enjoy. I have already installed iOS 7 in my iPod touch 5th generation and I hesitated to install in on my iPad 4 because I read that iOS 7 was not so well developed for iPads as for iPhones, and I think it had reduced a little the battery of mi iPod touch. However, tonight I'm gonna upgrade my iPad 4 and enjoy it! :D **if there is anyone who has upgraded his/her iPad retina display please post your overview of its performance. Thank you!
  • I don't know if I can wait - the biggest features I am looking forward to are the multiple apps/folders inside folders, the new control panel to access Wi-Fi and Bluetooth easier, the notification changes and the way to close/switch apps.
  • As a developer I'm going to straddle the line. I will upgrade my iPad to IOS 7 and wait on my iPhone.
  • I will be just the opposite - I won't update my iPad until I'm sure my VPN works. Though I may update my development iPhone first before my primary.
  • VPN works great.
  • This is an article just for an article's sake because we all know WE ALL WILL UPDATE THE SECOND WE GET THAT NOTIFICATION!
  • Nope. I still have an iPad 2 and iPhone 4 in use in my house. I'm waiting to see how well it performs on those devices.
  • iPad 2 (and iPhone 4S) will be fine if iPad mini is fine because it's basically iPad mini hardware. iPhone 4 support is a surprise with this update but Apple loves to promote their flagship smartphone.
  • no you won't
  • iPhone 4 disables the parallax effect (3D effect on the lock and home screen backgrounds). Otherwise I have not noticed any other differences, but we have not tested on iPad. Performance on iPhone 4 is actually improved over iOS 6.
  • Thats great news. I have an iPhone 4 and an iPad 3 and was worried about how 'sluggish' the phone would become after the update.
  • This is what you call "I have a deadline article I need to write and don't know what to write about so hopefully this sticks and I get some clicks" article. Lmao!!!
  • Guess you're not familiar with Peter Cohen as an extremely knowledgable and well respected writer then...?
  • Even Shakespeare had some bad days Sent from the iMore App
  • I'm not familiar with what he's done elsewhere just what I see here and it's says to the contrary. What I have seen from you here has seemed more though out, researched, and better communicated than what i've seen from Peter. Also, you guys should expect good and bad responses and have every right to respond, although it's probably not the best idea if the writer feels to swear jump in the mud when doing so. You know him, does he suffer from anger management issues?
  • no
  • I got here because iOS 7 screwed the music player. Now i cant change it from the steering wheel. Would i have waited? Na. But he's right
  • No. Speak for yourself. I'm not. I used ios 7, they screwed up the music player and i don't like all the bright white flatness. i went back to ios 6.
  • What do you mean "they screwed up the music player" and what "bright white flatness"..? I don't have iOS 7 but want it badly for my iphone 5.. How do you go back to IOS 6. I've been wanting the iOS 7 since I heard about it in June.. Can you also give me the pros and cons about iOS 7.
  • Sorry, just my opinion. But The music player is far and away the primary app i use so changes to it are more important to me than for some others. The music player added needless album art to all the artists lists so instead of about 8 or 9 artists per page there are only about 4 so now there's monumentally more scrolling. A major pain if you're like me with a full 64 gb drive (wishing for 128gb). Jobs used to try to make things take less clicks not more. It's also hard on they eyes when scrolling as the list is supposed to be alphabetized with artists names justified to the left (and it is) but instead of your eye hitting the first letter of a artist or album it hits art so it's harder to read than simply a raw list. But one of my biggest beefs is when you click say "artists" ALL of the albums are auto expanded when looking for specific song on an album you have much more scrolling when you have multiple albums. For example i have say 11 or 12 roots albums. So before I'd tap, "roots", "album", "song." Now you tap "Roots" and you get a massive list of every song on all 12 albums. That's a lot of scrolling when before it was one finger tap. There's over 200 songs to scroll. Needless. I'm hoping that in the future some of these things like album art in lists and auto-expanded albums, dark and light interface will be options you can disable in the settings. But I'm not holding my breath. Especially on a darker interface. Also maybe jailbreaks will help down the road. I apple makes their music app for people that don't have lots of music. Not for people like me that have everything they've ever bought in their entire life and liked on a hard drive so they aren't concerned with the issues of navigating large libraries. They want eye candy. As a back up in case i have to upgrade I have a Denon music app that's, functionally, almost a clone of the ios music player. There's an 11 page post on the ios 7 music app here It's not all complaints but a lot of it is. But some are just inquiries. here is one of several posts echoing the issues i discussed above I don't use Pandora type apps so iTunes radio isn't useful. And for me that's the way most of ios 7 is: I'm not gonna use most of the new stuff. I like the quick launch toggles but most of it were meh. The entire OS is bright white with thin lettering which if find hard to read. I generally just don't like white. But the white everywhere strained my eyes. Ever notice iBooks allows you to change the pages from white to yellow? It's cause white strains people's eyes. I happen to be one of them. After using ios 7 for two weeks i grew very annoyed with the eye strain of the white back ground. I also don't like the "flat look." I very much dislike the flatness of and lack of texture or dimension of windows 7. Because of that i chose an iPhone. So they've gotten rid of one of the very reasons i bought the device. That is what i mean when i said the "bright white flatness." Been over a month since i've used so off the top of my head:
    Pros: new features, multitasking looks better but gives essentially the same functionality, streamlined settings, you'll get iwork free, toggles are nice for wifi, etc. itunes radio if you like it. Cons just my opinion: hurts my eyes, ugly, font is a bit hard to read when against a white or grey background. As stated above i loathe the music player functionality changes, iwork screws the formatting on many of my word docs so it's a wash for me. As for getting ios 7 doesn't it come out on Friday? I really haven't followed. But seems easier to just wait. You're supposed to have a developers account. There are work arounds but iMore will freak if i tell you how so I won't. But as they say "google and youtube are your friend." As for rolling back it's your beta there's an imore post here on rolling it back Also, apparently after the iOS 7 is released officially nobody can go back to iOS 6 once they upgrade. personally i'd just wait til they launch it to the public.
  • Man, I completely agree about the music layout. I cannot stand the album artwork being so big in the list view and being reduced to 4 artists or albums per page. The entire thing makes you scroll too damn much if you have a big music library and it's disappointing. The music app doesn't have an ease of use to me anymore.
  • I agree with you on all the white and flat look...they should give an option for a dark theme. I should have waited but now I know not to go out and get the iPhone 5s.
  • Dude, you just have to pinch to zoom out, and the album art shrinks, you have more per screen. Probably didn't realize it. I use the music app heavily, although not primary to the phone. They incorporated some of our beta feedback and it did get better, so it is quite usable. I really do like iTunes Radio (except for some selections, it is not good at finding related music, but then again Pandora had similar issues). Anyhow, how much time do we spend looking at it while listening to music? A small percentage of the time, truly. For all the other great things, I am sticking with 7. And, like it or not, that is the future moving forward, so you limit yourself only if you stay on 6.
  • oh another thing, Safari is a pro. I think it's much better. Also thought the icons are ugly and several are illogical and don't give you any clue what they are about like the photos apps well they do look bad but it's less bad when surrounded by the old good looking icons from 3rd party apps and when you put better wallpaper in the background. The stock background doesn't help the icons look better, at least not to me. But again they are less of an issue than people make them out to be when you surround them with other better looking icons.
  • I'll post on my blog next week, TechGeekJay, how to go back.
  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE..........................
    I HATE THE LAYOUT, IT LOOKS LIKE A PHONE FOR A CHILD. Why take something vibrant and 3D and "upgrade" to an inferior product. I have a hard time reading the flat white screens (way too bright). My photo's are hard to navigate. My backround picture is cut off at the top and bottom. I just started using iTunes music a couple of weeks ago and now it's screwed up too! I will never do an automatic update again in my life without investigating first. I FEEL LIKE SOMEONE STOLE MY NICE PHONE AND REPLACED IT WITH A PIECE OF CRAP!!!!!! PLEASE TELL ME HOW I CAN GO BACK TO IOS 6.
  • Now you've had a few days to cool down, if you still want to go back check out today's post on my blog TechGeekJay. Happy iOSing! (Is that a verb?)
  • I so agree with you!!! Hi absolutely hate, hate, HATE iOS 7!!!
    I hate the way it looks!! I hate the way it works......and most of all I hate being stuck with something just because Apple likes it......because I know a whole lot of people --virtually everyone I've asked-- who REALLY don't like it, and who would love to go back to the previous operating system if they could!!
    I'm even thinking about going to an android phone I'm so fed up with it!!!
    I've never had any problem with upgrades before, but this is like having to learn a whole new operating system, and I REALLY don't have time for that right now in my life!!
    Is there any way we can put pressure on Apple to reinstate the previous operating system for those people who prefer to use it???
    Any activists out there who want to start a campaign??
  • True!!! Sent from the iMore App
  • Ain't that the truth!
  • I will be upgrading as soon as the servers allow.
  • I will be upgrading right away, mainly because I support quite a few users with iOS devices and of course they will do it no matter what they are told. So I may as well be ready. I didnt participate in this iOS7 beta so my learning needs to be quick.
  • I updated last week with the iOS 7 GM that was released and have experienced one particular annoying bug. When pressing the sleep/wake button on my iPhone 5 it does not always wake the device or lock it. Sometimes I have to press it a few times to get it to respond.
  • I've noticed mine doing this randomly also on my Iphone 5 with iOS 6.
  • This issue may be a bad sleep button.
  • I'm already on the GM, so i'm staying on for the ride obviously. I'm happy with the amount of updates that have come in the last couple of days though. I just wish iTunes 11.1 would come for Windows already so I could sync all these new paralax wallpapers.
  • I'm also on the GM of iOS 7 and I get the same message of not being able to backup without the new version of iTunes 11.1. I haven't seen nor heard of when this may be released (hopefully soon) and I have a Mac.
  • If you're running the GM as a developer, you know where to get the iTunes beta for a Mac... if you're not a developer and running the GM - perhaps the place you got the GM from has the iTunes Mac beta... #justsayin
  • Thanks kch50428, I really appreciate it!
  • I've been using the GM version of iOS 7 since apple seeded it and I have notice no inconvenience what so ever with any of the applications that I have installed. For me, stability with apps would be the only reason not to upgrade, but since I have no problems, I will upgrade the moment I get that notification.
  • If you're running the GM you already have what is getting released tomorrow... there's nothing you need to do.
  • Stability is probably the only reason i wouldn't upgrade. I've been using it since beta 1 - GM and noticed that a few apps would just randomly close, including safari which is an apple app. I know every new release has its bugs but at least wait until 75% of them have been weeded out, not 50 when dropped publicly. 95% of devs should be ready to go day one and from at least my usage i don't think ipad 2 and iphone 4 should be in the supported list. GM lags sometimes on my iphone 5 when switching between apps so i know an iPhone 4 CAN'T fare any better.
  • So...the argument against upgrading to iOS 7 (mind you, the GM release that has followed months of beta testing on many devices) is..."some aspects of the experience may be lousy at first?" That's not news. Nor is it a problem that can't be said about every release of every OS ever. Rather, that's what we call "link bait."
  • If that's all you got out of the article, I'd suggest that you should re-read it. There's more meat on that bone, tiger.
  • My contention, Peter-- respectfully, as I enjoy your posts and don't have a hundredth of your expertise-- is that the points made fall into the categories of obvious, widely known, or easily inferred, and thus I was surprised to find this article at the top of the iMore page yesterday. It seems to me that most of the points you made can be said about literally every release of every OS on every device, ever. Of course not every app will look great or function well at first. Of course Apple will make updates that will improve the stability and functionality of the OS over time. Of course you run the risk of losing data or functionality when you make any significant upgrade or change to your device. That's what I meant when I wrote that these points aren't "news." (I'm rather curious about the user with a jailbroken iPhone who doesn't understand that updating the OS negates the jailbreak, but, *shrug*) I suppose it's worth reminding the casual consumer that iOS upgrades aren't reversible, and to recommend everyone be mindful of their specific needs, habits, and preferences before making any major changes to their devices. But it felt "link-baity" for iMore to post "Why you shouldn't upgrade to iOS 7 yet," when the substance of that argument doesn't seem specific to iOS 7. I apologize for the snark in my original comment, tiger, but re-reading the article didn't change my opinion. Though thank you for the suggestion that the problem lie in my reading rather than a difference in perspective. Edited to add: FWIW, I'm not a particular fan of what I've seen of the aesthetics of iOS 7. I like both useful skeumorphism and aesthetic skeumorphism, and I find my eyes and brain being asked to do more work than I'd prefer due to many of the minimalistic touches of iOS 7. I think there are reasons to reconsider upgrading to iOS 7 specifically-- I just disagree that those enumerated here are among the most relevant.
  • "But it felt "link-baity" for iMore to post "Why you shouldn't upgrade to iOS 7 yet," when the substance of that argument doesn't seem specific to iOS 7." No, it isn't - but it's good advice for anyone considering a major change to their device. I'll recycle some of this advice when Mavericks comes out, for the exact same reasons. As I said elsewhere in this thread, the whole point of this article was to give someone who was ready to pull the trigger at a moment's notice some pause to think about what might happen, and what might be the result, of them updating. I approach this from the perspective of not only someone who writes about this stuff and uses it day in and day out, but who supports it as well - I work in an Apple retailer on the weekends. And almost every day I work, I'm asked to fix problems that the user could easily have corrected or avoided all together if they'd exercised a bit more foresight. This editorial was a call to do exactly that. And based on the feedback I've gotten here and on social networks, it's been a success - at least a few people have said that I gave them some good reasons to wait - including a few of the more obvious ones that might have had you slapping your head and thinking this was, as you put it, link bait.
  • Have ridden the beta train since June and have now installed the GM with a complete new install only restoring SMS database and turning on iCloud for contacts and calendar. It runs lovely and the developers do seem hard at work to fix issues. Constant updates in the AppStore means all my apps now work. This article is a waste.
  • You will not deter us Cohen!
  • Dammit! I wanted Apple's servers all to myself!
  • You make some good points, but it's no where near enough to dissuade people from downloading IOS7. It's just too colourful. And you'll find something quite interesting about ios7 here:
  • I will be sharing this article with all my Facebook friends this afternoon (going to time it so it hits when most are checking). Since I will be the first person they reach out to if they have questions or problems. I already gave them all homework to back up their device today/tonight - and suggested a manual backup via iTunes/USB. Great advice on those with a 4. Those in my closest circle that have iPhone 4s (as opposed to 4Ss) - I told to hold off. They will be going to the Apple Store or carrier store on Friday for a shiny new toy, so why bother.
  • I'm definitely going to update tomorrow, but I might tell my dad to wait a bit to see how it works on my brother's phone because I have an iPhone 5, but they both have iPhone 4s (that's the plural of 4, not an iPhone 4S). My brother doesn't NEED his phone to work well, so he can test it out, but my dad needs his phone for work, so he might want to wait and see how well it works before he downloads the update.
  • I think most people are going to jump on it. I won't have my iPhone back until Friday so that will give me a couple days to see how everyone else is doing. I have already told my family to wait a couple days at least and see what issues there are. They don't care about waiting, but probably would have just updated when the alert came up. I'm sure most people will just update when it pops up.
  • I will be upgrading to iOS 7 for my iPad Mini. Sure their is concerns with iOS 7 but it will not stop me from upgrading.
  • I'm planning on waiting a few hours or maybe until the next day. I want to see some feedback and responses from other users.
  • I am only going to update when I absolutely have to. IOS 7 is so freaking ugly. I hate the flat design, it seems like they went crazy with trying to undo Forestalls design. Everyone complained about Game Center on the older IOS but this one on 7 is so ugly I don't wan it on my phone. I hate the colors too, why did they have to go with an Easter theme? I am going to be stubborn and enjoy the old IOS as long as I can still use all my favorite apps, or untill apple adds a bit more texture and real life elements back into IOS.
  • I agree and to be honest, I will hate it when all of the apps update to the new format. Instead of a button icon you might just get the word.
  • It's nice to know there are others that agree. Thanks.
  • What I dread the most is seeing how they butcher iBooks. I always showed off how you could lift a page up without turning it and how realistic it was. I sincerely hope it isn't just a flat white screen with black, eye-bluringly-thin letters. I know that many people didn't like the skeumorphism, and that is fine, but I really don't like the current look. To me, iOS 7 isn't attractive and refined like iOS 6 and before. Don't even get me started on the crap that is the compass app, though to be honest, it is a rare day that I have had to use my phone's compass.
  • Welcome to my iOS7 UI hater's club. :)
  • You hit the nail right on the head, I couldn't put my finger on the color scheme and you just did "Easter theme" thats perfect!!!
  • I Totally agree !
  • The half of your information is just crap. WTF?
  • Says someone that couldn't even form a proper sentence..........
    (Typo or not, make sure your comment is correct before you go & insult someone. It makes you look like an even bigger assclown!!!)
  • I fully intend to download iOS 7 as soon as is available. I understand the risks in doing such a feat, but I prefer to consider myself one of the ones who would be helping to find any bugs so that Apple could squash them as quickly as possible. … It's just too bad I will be getting paid for this quality assurance testing! xD
    So the next question I have to ask is, when will iOS 7 be available for download? Will it be available at midnight Eastern standard time tonight or Will it be available are based around the Cupertino time zone? Sent from the iMore App
  • I'm planning to update as soon as possible. Working in tech support, I need to be able to support those that do upgrade. I can say that I do anticipate the environment being ugly for a bit having a mix of iOS 6 apps with iOS 7 apps while developers catch up in updating apps, and I'm not appreciating having to repurchase apps I use only for UI updates. At the same time, I support Apple's decision to finally do something new with iOS, and I'm going to support the developers of apps I have grown to love over the years.
  • Your apps will "look like crap?" Um... No, if they are not updated they will merely look the same way tomorrow that they do today.
  • The visual inconsistency between the rest of the OS and apps that haven't taken advantage of iOS 7's new design language is jarring at best.
  • We'll have to agree to disagree. An app I like today is NOT going to look any different tomorrow. The app itself will look the same. To say it's going to look like crap is a stretch. Maybe some people are just more capable of appreciating each app based on its own merit and not whether or not it mimics the design of the OS. Doing so doesn't necessarily make it a better app or any more visually appealing.
  • Tweetbot looks like crap compared to the rest of iOS 7...
  • Yet it still functions better than the rest of the Twitter apps that have been updated......wiseass
    (spare me if anyone tries to use Twitterrific as a comparison, bc feature-wise it doesn't hold a candle to TweetBot)
  • Tweetbot probably isn't going to change much, unless you've heard something I haven't.
  • Question, Will the new 5S come with IOS 7 preloaded ? If not and you get the update calling, is it easy to just refuse it temporarily for about a week or two? Fairly new to IOS and can't remember how I handled the update on my iPhone 5.
  • Yeah, the new phones ship with iOS 7 preinstalled. That's why iOS 7 comes out Wednesday and the new phones don't ship til Friday.
  • The new phones will have iOS 7 preloaded.
  • The new phones have been coming out with the latest major OS at the time preinstalled. But I don't know that they have the misc service packs in between if you buy after release. ie. Release day, it'll come with iOS7.0 4 months from now, we may be at iOS7.3, but I believe that the phones at that time could potentially still come with iOS7.0 and be patched when you sync up the first time.
  • Exactly, that is what backwards compatible means after all. I'm just going to update anyway. All we have at home is an iPad Mini and an iPad w/Retina. They're not for work, though I do use my Retina iPad for flight school. I'll just double check that it works with the ForeFlight app.
  • Already updated! I have noticed one issue with iOS 7 on my iPhone 5 that bothers me a little bit. When you add a contact and exit out of the app, it doesn't save the number like it should. Just one annoyance I thought people should know about.
  • As much as I want to update, I am going to hold off. I want to make sure my 4S is backed up first before I make the leap. Besides, I am not sure about this major change to the iOS I have known for years. We shall see.
  • I haven't had a single app fail to work correctly or look like crap. I only see one reasonable reason not to upgrade on this list and that is if you want to keep your Jailbreak. The only thing I really miss from my Jailbreak is Nitrous and Tethering. The pros far outweigh the cons IMO. I have been very happy with iOS7 so far. Far more impressed than I expected to be. There are tons of little details here and there that haven't really been covered in the press.
  • Absolutely, I have an iPhone 5, and as soon as iOS 7 is available, I will be upgrading...and then on Friday I will be lined up to get my 5S.
  • sigh......
  • Same here. While I see how some of Mr. Cohen's points would matter to some (mainly those who can't handle bugs and glitches), these would never stop me from upgrading to an OS update I've been waiting for what seems like an eternity for. I can't even wait until I get my 5S on friday- I'm updating my iPhone 5 first thing tomorrow!
  • Cool. I'm not trying to convince everyone not to upgrade. I just want to give people who haven't thought it through some food for thought.
  • Absolutely understood. I will definitely be sharing this with my parents who I think should consider your points seriously. Thanks!
  • Is this article for real?????? Sent from the iMore App
  • It's a figment of all our imaginations... :)
  • My thoughts exactly! I mean seriously?
  • I think this is a great article Peter and i have been answering many members questions with this in mind all along and is why i will not only wait at least a week for feedback before I update my 4S but I am not even going to buy my new 5S until October so I can hear and read public and member opinion, bug fixes from apple which always happens and then once fairly happy I will buy my new phone. I have a great working 4S and can afford to not be in a hurry. Thank you for writing this article.
  • You write all this rubbish but look at the bigger picture. The MAJOR app writers will have taken the time to update
  • Stupid app only showed half my comment!! As I was saying: You write all this rubbish but look at the bigger picture. The MAJOR app writers will have taken the time to update their apps leaving only the smaller businesses and lone rangers to update there's, these people may not always have the time (same as SOME major app suppliers).
    Look as iPhone 5 for a perfect example, it took many months for apps to be rectified to fit the 5inch display and to this day there are hundreds if not thousands not updated. I believe it's a long laborious process for EVERYONE to catch up to the latest OS and you'll always have strays that just don't bother. I've always updated on release day and hand on heart have only ever had very very minor issues, this is since 2007. Sent from the iMore App
  • "I've always updated on release day and hand on heart have only ever had very very minor issues, this is since 2007." Good for you. You're aware that the plural of anecdote is not "data," yeah?
  • The fact that I read smething as geeky as imore means I will upgrade the second I get the chance. I cant wait to try out the new better Siri, contolr centre always handy, our kids videos in photostream for the whole family and no uploading to youtube anymore, iTunes Radio. I get your point though - two years ago I lost access to all my external disks when updrading I think to Snow Leopard and Apple changed their mind about a praticular way these disks connected - it took me quite some time to find a fix somehere on the internet and I was sorry I was so quick with an upgrade. I think iPhone and iPad are more stand alone than Mac and although I ave 300+ apps only a handful non Apple ones are critical for my work so I am optimistic;)
  • I will be downloading it once it is available to me.. Using the beta tested version and I really like it dispite it sayin some apps might not work properly.. Oh well.. It's called out with the old and in with the new and I am excited.. I maybe not be getting an iPhone 5s but my iPhone 5 is gonna look fresh and new
  • I had a developer account while ios 7 was out so i got to try it. I have a iphone 4, iphone 5, and an ipad 2. But when ios 7 comes out for the general, i am not sure if i want it that badly. I dont know the main reason why i dont want to get it, it doesnt seem that interesting, maybe because i have an android device, and it seems to be like that, or worried about if my apple devices will or wont work, or the apps i have will or wont work. So probably i just end up installing it on my iphone 5 and leave my ipads and iphone 4 to ios 6 versions. My iphone 4 wont probably be that great with it, because it is already slow and not that great. But i will see what happens when everyone gets it.
  • Here's the thing. I'm buying a new iPhone on Friday. I intend on backup up the installed apps on my iPhone 4S so that I can restore them to my new iPhone on Friday. Don't I need to upgrade to iOS 7 on my iPhone 4S before i trade it in and get a new 5C (or 5S), so that the restore doesn't include any iOS 6 info, or does it matter? I should be able to just plug in the new iPhone, start up iTunes, and restore my apps to it, right?
  • That's a good question. I know that one cannot restore a backup from a previous version of iOS. Had to learn the hard way when I wanted to go back from iOS 7 beta to iOS 6 and I couldn't use the backup I had.
  • Your reply makes it clear that I'm going to have to update to iOS 7 on my 4S in order to restore all of my apps to the 5C after I get it on Friday. Unless Apple has changed something recently, I'm going to have to do the update on my 4S before I trade it in at the Apple Store and get the 5C.
  • What I meant as that you cannot use a back up of iOS 7 on an iOS 6 device. If you want everything from your iPhone 4S on the new iPhone 5C, you are good to go. You don't need to upgrade to have your stuff in the new device. It's a different story if you want to use a backup of iOS 7 on a iOS6 device, that doens't work. That's only a problem if you want to downgrade
  • Put your iOS6 backup to the side somewhere so it isn't overwritten. Then go to iOS7. If you want to go back just do a DFU restore with 6.1.4 and then restore your iOS6 backup.
  • I'm trading in my 4S on Friday to get a 5C. The 5C comes with iOS 7 (not iOS 6), and I need for my apps to restore to my new 5C with no problems. So it seems that upgrading to iOS 7 on my 4S will insure that restoring my apps to my 5C (which will have iOS 7 already) makes sense. There will never be a need to downgrade to iOS 7 on an iOS 7 device (5C or 5S).
  • I will upgrade my iPhone 5 tomorrow because I have an iPad mini already jailbreaked. If need to get any work done on the mini I can at least use that if the iphone apps bug out. i guess we will wait and see if this article is right or wrong. We can all be skeptics. But I am not upgrading my mini either way unless a new jailbreak comes out for iOS 7. So it's kind of cool we have dedicated people in the jailbreaking community to let use have options.
  • You will be able to plug in your new phone running iOS 7, restore from your iOS 6 backup, and pick up where you left off.
  • Ok. Then I'll not do the upgrade then. I was concerned that I would HAVE TO upgrade to iOS 7 to get the backup of my apps to install properly on a new 5C. Thanks for clearing that up. Just waiting for Friday to come around, then...
  • Good article..... There's no way it's going on my devices in it's current form.
  • as usual i'm going to wait a little while and see what people are saying. i never download software or buy a new device the day they are released. remember, patience is a virtue
  • So let me get this straight.
    Your telling everyone not to upgrade to iOS 7 based on a Developer Preview, Yes currently there is not alot of apps updated for iOS 7. But why is that? it's because it's not an official upgrade. I guarantee that as soon as this drops tomorrow we will be seeing tons of apps upgraded to use the new UI guidelines set by apple. As for performance issues currently there are none. Apps crashing? How is that Apples fault? I'd say it's the developers fault for not taking the time to test and upgrade. Got a problem with bugs? email the developer not blame apple.
    /end rant
  • So let me get this straight. Someone skimmed the article, missed all the key points of said article, made assumptions based on their knowledge of the situation and assumed the writers knowledge base was just as low as their own. They then added some random side rant about developers then signed off? AWESOME that's really useful! /End sarcasm
  • No guts, no adventure, no glory.
    I will be hitting that little upgrade button at one minute past midnight.
  • I don't think it will be out until 1PM Eastern... :)
  • It's after 2pm and still not available on west coast. I thought it would be released before noon pacific time today??
  • it's only Tuesday.
  • lmao..... your asking a boat load of fan boys to NOT upgrade the very second that something new comes out???? thats rich....
  • I think you just want everyone to hold off so the OTA wait time is shorter :-) But in all seriousness, certain apps DO look crappy, but not because they are crappy looking apps, but because they don't fit into the iOS 7 "look". I anticipate that will mostly, if not change, come release tomorrow and users are able to download the iOS 7 versions of third-party apps. I think pretty much every developer has been working diligently over the last few months to ensure respectable apps that will be pushed out tomorrow. But that's just my gathering of all the hype. I expect to see a new iOS 7 UI-inspired iMore app tomorrow :) Sent from the iMore App
  • We cast a pretty wide net here at iMore - we try to appeal to die-hard Apple users, noobs and everyone in between. My goal with this wasn't to dissuade everyone from upgrading - it was to give someone who really hadn't thought through the process some pause to consider what upgrading might do. Based on the feedback I've gotten here and on social networks, I know for a fact that at least a few people have reconsidered their decision to upgrade, while others are doing a bit more checking before they jump into it, so I consider this editorial a success.
  • It's sad, but very true that there are a lot of App's out there that have always looked crappy and they will just look more crappy under iOS 7. Will the developers improve the appearance of these Apps. Probably not, if they couldn't make them look decent under the iOS 6 and earlier then it's doubtful that they will look any better. You know how goes "Beauty is in the Eye of the beholder" and sometimes you just can't put enough lipstick on the old Sow to make it look beautiful. It is good to see when someone says "Maybe it may be better to wait a little while before updating to the latest and greatest version of iOS". Sometimes people do get caught in the frenzy to be up to date and regret it after the fact when App's they rely heavily on for daily use don't quite work how they are supposed to.
  • I've always given these major updates a minimum of 5 days before I DL/install & iOS 7 won't change that. I'm never hesitant about it & I always update eventually, but with the pounding Apples servers take (bc everyone & their mums try to DL the 1st day or 2), if you wait a few days its so much faster/smoother when DLing/installing IMO.
  • The editors want us all not to update so they can have it first!!
  • found us out!! ;-)
  • Well I got mine on 2x iPhone 4, iPad 2, and got the new iTunes update. Any word when Apple TV's will get some love?
  • Perhaps... but the apps I use have already been receiving updates for iOS7. Its kind of odd loading up apps that look like iOS7 on iOS6.
  • I will be updating as soon as Apple releases it. Just can't wait although I should.
  • if i'm on a 4s and have the ios 6.1.3 .ipsw restore file will i be able to reinstall ios 6 if my phone get's wiped or reset?
  • Not unless you have your blobs saved and are familiar with the process... Normal users cannot downgrade an iPhone.
  • i did a while back but never used it. Guess i gotta figure that process out again. damn.
    Update: yeah i figured it out. thanks. just saved it. I'll have to do some research to re-familiarize myself with how this works. I never actually had to do it.
  • Nope. (Not after iOS 7 is released, that is.) iOS will always wipe and restore to the latest version.
  • so the hold down shift and then choose the version of the OS you want to install will no longer work? That is what i'm understanding.
  • You can do that. But the activation part will fail- Apple only activates the latest iOS version, so if you install iOS 6 (when iOS 7 is out) on a device iTunes will try to verify the iOS 6 installation. However the verification will fail, forcing iTunes to reinstall iOS by downloading the latest one from Apple servers.
  • Can't wait any longer. Will update mine as soon as it's available.
  • If you're going to wait until all the apps are updated to look like iOS 7 you may be waiting until 2014. Some developers are notoriously slow.
  • My head says you're absolutely right, Peter. My heart says stuff it, I'm upgrading anyway :-)
  • LOL!!
  • I completely disagree with this article. I have 157 apps on my iPhone 5 with iOS since Beta 6. And now with the GM release. I have had ZERO issues with them. Maybe there are some apps that fail, but I have yet to find one. The new OS is faster, and is a joy to use. It is a MUST upgrade for anyone.
  • I think the point of the article if you read it completely is not to say DON'T upgrade but to highlight all the things that could go wrong that a normal user might t have thought about. As a developer I have access to the betas and I love it on my phone but I left my iPad in 6 jus in case the odd app has issues. Most apps work great but remember everyone is a unique snowflake ;) so will have different needs. The article is more of a cautionary tale which allows the user to make an informed choice with all the facts. Sometimes people see shiny and click without thinking of the consequences. Think of this as a don't drink and drive poster for the iOS update. :-)
  • Yeah, no way I'm waiting. I'm upgrading IMMEDIATELY for my 4S, and getting my 5s on Friday (if I can get through)
  • I'll wait & watch the response before updating my iphone 4s.
    One thing is risky that new hardware's of 5c & 5s might be great for iOS7, but for 4s waiting is worth. Thanks for the comments Peter.....
  • I couldn't disagree more. I've been on iOS 7 since beta 1 came out and while some apps didn't work back then I have no apps that don't work. Not only that lots of them are getting updates for iOS 7 compatibility and quickly too. The ones that aren't updated still work and they aren't any uglier now than when they were before.
  • My UK banking app has a few issues, you see everyone uses different apps. As someone who has done support/development I can tell you nothing is more dangerous than "I am OK so you will be too" if you have an app or feature you cannot live without then day 0 updates are a gamble. A gamble I have taken on all but one of my devices but a gamble none the less.
  • The way I see it, upgrading to iOS 7 on my 4S gives me a couple of days to play with it before I trade in my 4S for a 5C, on Friday. If I can restore the iOS apps from my iOS 6 backup on my Macbook to my new 5C after updating to iOS 7, that's good enough for me. The 4S is getting traded in at the Apple store in order for me to use the Apple gift card from that to pay part of the cost of the 5C, so the 4S is going and what's on it doesn't matter. It's in perfect condition.
  • You forgot the most important's FUGLY!
    I've learned my lesson over the years and am going to stick with iOS 6 until I upgrade my device. Currently on iPhone 5. It seems that each major release runs poorly on the previous generation. I seriously regretted upgrading my 4S to iOS 6.
    I think it's a conspiracy to get us to upgrade ;-)
  • You had issues with iOS 6 on a 4S? I'm still on a 4S and I have no issues at all. I always find the different user experiences strange.
  • I've been running the Betas on my iPhone 5 since Beta 2. Everything I use regularly, including the App I've been working on, is working fine on iOS 7. It's been stable for me since B3 and I have no hesitation in installing it on all my compatie devices.
  • I'm buying an iPhone 5s on Friday so will have to use IOS 7, but will be downloading it as soon as it hits on my iPhone 5 - play time!. Never had a detrimental problem with previous updates, but if the family weren't getting new iPhones I might hold off updating their phones until the waters settle. I like to upgrade, as even if there are issues, it is about the experience for me. Also the main apps I used day to day are from quality developers and if there are problems they are general fixed very quickly.
    However, I've always delayed the family's upgrades to OSX as they couldn't be bothered putting up with the many bugs. I think it's a timely reminder, but we've been drooling over IOS 7 for so long and your warning is a bit like being told you shouldn't open your presents on Christmas morning because some of them won't be fun. Sent from the iMore App
  • I'm definitely going with iOS 7 as soon as I can. I don't think any of these reasons are legit for me :/ so yeah!
  • I was on iOS 7 starting with beta 3 but I had to reset my phone last weekend (long story) and I was forced to go back to iOS 6 because I'm not a registered developer. It's torture being back on iOS 6! I never realized how huge the upgrade was until I was forced to downgrade back to iOS 6. I can't wait until the moment I can get back to iOS 7. Counting the hours!
  • I going to wait, just a little bet, means, until 1am in September 18 Sent from the iMore App
  • I am planning to update my iPad 2nd gen, but not my iPhone 4S. I was going to try to get a iPhone 5S on Friday at a local Apple store. That will be interesting...^_^
  • I will be updating my iPhone 5 immediately, but will probably hold off on updating my iPad 2... At least for a bit.
  • I'm gonna wait until friday . . . when I get my new 5s! ! ! ! ! But I may go ahead and update my iPad tomorrow.
  • Waiting for a few days. I like to wait to see how it's running on other devices and let Apple update and fix problems.
  • You can never upgrade software too slowly, tho upgrade you must!
  • I use my iPhone 5 for my livelihood. I think I'll play it safe, control my update lust, and see what happens to other brave/carefree/foolhardy souls
  • I'm planning on updating my iPhone 5 but my old iPhone 4 is only used in the Truck to connect to the Sound system since it has the 30 pin dock connector and it's hidden in the glove box, no need to worry about that. My iPad 2 is one that I am worried about, If the urge overtakes me to do it then I will do it. What I am interested in is what, if any, update there will be for the Apple TV when the time comes for an update to be available for them, and of course whether it will have an adverse effect on the Apple TV.
  • Duke_Of_Url says:
    Sep 17, 2013 at 6:10 pm - 4 hours ago "I completely disagree with this article. I have 157 apps on my iPhone 5 with iOS since Beta 6. And now with the GM release. I have had ZERO issues with them. Maybe there are some apps that fail, but I have yet to find one. The new OS is faster, and is a joy to use. It is a MUST upgrade for anyone." On second thought....
  • Already on iOS 7 since day one, and I've loved every minute of it.
  • Stupid lol. iOS 7 will be updated as soon as it comes out for me. I love how it works and looks, I've used a friends and um it pretty awesome.
  • This article is stupid. It's like saying "wait till app developers fix their apps, and get an iPhone 5S a few weeks later"
    A lot of people will buy the iPhone 5s and 5c (with iOS 7), and I'm sure it won't harm their "workflow"
  • Unless they trade in their older device and find a banking app doesn't work right.... Holding off a few days for anything mission critical is good advice no? Or should everyone update within hours because they can and it is shiny?
  • I was going too get it as soon as I could, but you've made me reconsider a bit. I don't know. Perhaps I will wait - a bit. I don't see myself going for more than a few days, though, so, at the end of it, that might not be any better....
  • Don't be scared, Jason. I don't know if Peter has actually experienced any of this, but I and many developers I know have not. See my post below - back up first to your computer! You should be fine, and if not, the instructions for downgrading are simple. I will post them on my blog TechGeekJay next week if you like.
  • The advice in the article is wait a while after a few days you can tell if any of your most used app and features have issues and make the leap. You should be fine but always good to be sure if you use the devices for crucial tasks.
  • I will be downloading iOS7 on my iPad mini then my iphone cause I don't wanna have it on my phone if I don't like it.
  • Peter, I am quite surprised with this negative tone. My apps use the standard iOS interface guidelines, and they look exactly the same on 7 as prior, and function perfectly without any code changes. Other apps may require updates, or may be exposed to bugs because they improperly handle features in 7 that was proper in 6, but that is the vast minority of apps. In fact, of the 200+ or so third-party apps I have on my devices, after the initial Beta releases, they all work great as of Beta 6. In fact, the most critical (utilities, financial, games) all work great without exception. The benefits of 7 are vast, and the risks very very minimal just based on 3 months of using Beta. I'd caution people, as always, to make a backup before upgrading. And, personally I never back up to the iCloud, I always back up to my iTunes computer controlling the device, because I want to maintain several backups of history, and be able to restore when needed.
  • +100
  • I don't care I WANT IT NOW
  • Good to know. We'll probably stick with iOS 6 on our iPad 2.
  • Wow !!!! After his pointless article, he's insulting the readers ???????????? Is this what iMore became ??????? Now I understand why imore had never been invited by Apple..... SMH !!!!!!
  • Hey, put some example/comparison photos up with your reasons not to upgrade.
  • I ve iOS7 last month. Everything working like a charm. No sense not to update ...
    Games: check
    Email: check
    Apps: check
    Battery: mutch better
    Carrier: check
    Perform: Super! Sent from the iMore App
  • eBay had updated to support iOS 7, which is good as I'm selling a few things to fund uni. As long as I can play Clash of Clans and check my calendar - I'm happy :) Sent from the iMore App
  • Everyone!! Upgrade to ios 7 as soon it will released.. I'm using it for months cause i'm a developer.. And i don't want to go back to ios 6 cause ios 7 is much easier to use. Of course at first you'll have learn again the new update but i can say.. It is really good. Although apps crashes a lot but after a week apps will be updated for the ios 7 compatibility so no prob for that.. IOS 7 is awesome
  • When is it going to be available? I'm going to my settings every 5 minutes... For the last 2 hours
  • I'm in mountain time..
  • "If you have a legitimate reason to upgrade to iOS 7 on day one, don't let me stop you - go right ahead" - Peter Cohen once said! Why are some people attacking you and saying shit about what you wrote as a thought, opinion or even an advice? Though you already gave them a reason to update if they didn't agree with what you've said? I, after reading this article, thoroughly thought it out and will not upgrade on day one. You make a good point about apps looking crappy on iOS 7, i already updated some of my apps on iOS 6 which were re-designed for iOS 7 and guess what? they look crappy too! so vice-versa, they would probably look the same. Anyway, even if i didn't like/ agree with what you wrote, and thought that it's total bullshit, i'd never attack you, out of respect to you, your opinion and holly democracy LOL! Everyone has his own opinion, thoughts and advice, instead of attacking them, start a respectful debate and explain to them why you feel they're wrong. In the end, it may be your fault Mr. Cohen. Your article's title should've been, "You should upgrade on day one, unless..?" and then in the article, your first paragraph would be "please, i beg everyone to update or i'll die because of your idiocity!" Take a break then write down your thoughts, which i found interesting and stopped me from thinking of updating as soon as the OS is out. Informative and Nicely written Sir, good luck!
  • Yea let's do an Android here, wait 12-15 months and HOPE that your phone actually will get an upgrade? Bs go upgrade, be one of the 600 million to get the same OS level so developers see where they should put their efforts... A few quirks will always be, the more people using it, the faster they find out and fix. Then in October the same 600 mill users can get 7.1.... How do the Android users accept to be left behind every time ?
  • I've updated every new iOS on release day since my old 3Gs with little or no problems at all. I'm planning on doing the same later today. I'll be sure to let you know when my phone explodes ...
  • Thanks to a public (and probably temporary) posting on Mega, a number of iOS 7 updates are available for download. Not all devices were posted, but if more show up we'll add them. Here's what's available so far: iPhone 4 (GSM)
    iPhone 4 (GSM Rev. A)
    iPhone 4 (CDMA)
    iPhone 4S
    iPhone 5 (Model A1428)
    iPhone 5 (Model A1429)
    iPad 2 (Wi-Fi)
    iPad 2 (Rev. A)
    iPad 2 (Wi-Fi + GSM)
    iPad 2 (Wi-Fi + CDMA)
    iPad 3 (Wi-Fi)
    iPad 3 (Wi-Fi + GSM)
    iPad 3 (Wi-Fi + CDMA)
    iPad 4 (Wi-Fi)
    iPad 4 (Wi-Fi + GSM)
    iPad 4 (Wi-Fi + CDMA)
    iPad mini (Wi-Fi)
    iPad mini (Wi-Fi + GSM)
    iPad mini (Wi-Fi + CDMA)
    iPod touch (5th Generation)
    iTunes 11.1 Beta
    Note: iOS 7 requires a later version of iTunes so you may not be able to use your iDevice with iTunes post-update (at least, not until Apple releases the new version or you install the beta). (Source:
  • My device hasn't been jail broken since I installed 6.1.3 anyways, so waiting a little longer for 7 to catch up isn't going to kill me any.
  • I plan to update as soon as I can. I'm still using an iPhone 4 and if iOS 7 makes it lag and not work as well as it should, then I plan to get a new phone asap.
  • I've been using the beta of iOS 7 for several weeks and have had no problems. This article is misleading and silly. The only reason not to upgrade is if you have jailbroken, but even then I think it's worth it. The new iOS is gorgeous and utilizes a ton of jailbreaks you might already have. Plus, the jailbreak for iOS 7 is sure to be here eventually.
  • I agree, what's the rush? It's not like your device is going to perform something extraordinary with this new update. I'm going to give it some time until most of the apps get full support for iOS 7 and avoid any inconvenience.
  • IOS7 is a bit slower on my iPad Mini for some of the transitions, than on my iPhone5. But I have been using both for a week, and would never go back. Is a nicer user experience. So far the only apps that have crashed have been Google apps, which use a non-standard back-door linking method to each other I think (so you can go from Gmail directly to web page and back, without having to re-enter the app from home screen). Google is updating them, too.
  • being an owner of multiple devices I get to do both. I expect to upgrade 1 of my compatible devices in the next few days after the biggest rush is over and see how that goes. Also to make sure things on my end all work. Once I'm confident things are all good, then I'll upgrade the rest. If I find issues then I'll wait for the inevitable 7.01.
  • I'm gonna wait. Besides my phone is telling me I'm current with ios6.1.3. At first it told me to update to 7 but said "connect to wifi". After I connected to my wifi the update to 7 was gone. So, oh well. I'm sticking to what I have for a while.
  • My daughter just updated. It worked for an hour but all of a sudden it is asking for her password. She never had a password and is now locked out of her phone. Any one else with this issue?
  • I updated to ios 7 but as soon as that finished. It wouldn't allow me to access the app store! This update is useless garbage. WHATS THE POINT!
  • Just updated to iOS 7 and It's looks really cool ,I used over-the-air Software Update using my iPhone4 and just worried while update since I haven't take any backup . After successful update my apps, photos , songs etc are live as previous . Feeling happy and want to know what are the some features of iOS7 that can't be used in iphone4 .
  • I have just upgraded my ipad2.... Not a good idea! It is sluggish and suddenly I can't update my apps.... Come on apple! We need a 7.01 now!
  • I just updated one of my iPad to iOS 7 and want to cry, it looks like a robot crap from 1980s. IOS6 is much better, look better and user friendlier. I wish Steve Jobs still alive. He has a better taste. I will keep iOS6 on the other iPad. I hate iOS7 very much.
  • I won't be upgrading to 7.
    I hate the look, I hate the extra animations, I haven't seen anything in it that I need, and from all the reviews I've read, all iOS devices take a hit on battery life and performance.
    And now I find out the that you burn your bridges if you upgrade...
    I'll definitely pass.
  • I updated an on the whole like the new OS. One thing I hate so far - Siri's voice in the UK has taken a big step back and sounds a lot less natural than it did before iOS7 - hopefully this will be updated soon. Maps has had a large improvement - I love what Apple have done there!
  • the most pointless thing ive read. dont upgrade cuz it may not look as cool? thanks
  • should have red this article earlier but not for the reasons you said. before upgrading you are always prompted to read the terms and conditions and I guess it should include warnings of data loss due to the upgrade. I agree with some of the comments here that this is not now to any OS updates. However my biggest concern is this dramatic futuristic and minimalistic design. As for my taste it is hard to so consistency of the colors and menu items for iOS. no buttons, just floating texts which are hard to read with this all bright / white background. The folders that you can create by dragging one app to another is just a joke: plan square, there is no folder like design at all. it hurts my eye so I wont use this feature anymore. I think they could have done a bit more work on this. I also do not like to music player, e.g. on landscape mode you dont have the 3d artwork browsing page like at iOS6 but only the artworks next to each other like tiles, without any album name/titles or with any 3d modelling at all. Looks too simple for an iOS... after all I am not happy with ios7..yet. Hope they will improve with the "bugfixes" to make it stand out again from the other OS's.
  • Shocking!! I wished I'd have read this review before updating!! My lovely hundreds of pounds worth of smart phone now looks like a fisher price toy!! So annoyed Apple ...
  • I REALLY WISH I HAD SEEN THIS BEFORE UPDATING. It looks great but my iPad is now useless as a tool for work. My apps are mostly broken and I have to lug my laptop around. Very FRUSTRATING. no ways I'm updating my phone
  • So sorry I downloaded this rubbish "upgrade" system. Slow, battery sucking, and unattractive dull interface. I'm so sad apple produced the massive fail.
  • ok so I am wondering if this is a tweak to the IOS 7...
    I've throughly enjoyed having it thus far..
    but I set a passcode on my phone, and I KNOW what it is, but it won't let me log in now and is saying I am typing in the wrong passcode, then disabling it, and then I try again, etc. etc.
    any advice? I have tried multiple different passwords but I AM SURE I used the same one I have been using.
    Is this a tweak, or just me?
  • being an iPad newbie, I blew it and uploaded right away. Used to be able to save battery life by removing apps from background by holding down and then touching the top-left minus. Can't now. Also the list of songs in a music album are sorted by something other than the original album order. Any way to select a sort key?
  • I have the iPhone 4S and now it's harder with os7 to access the web because you can't just click the home button to do a web search anymore. I loved that feature because it made it easy for techno idiots to do a web search.
  • I have an iPhone 5 and for all the reasons you listed, and then some, I plan to wait. I don't like change, for one. I like my OS system fine the way it is. It does sound like there are some improved features, but I find it unfortunate that you can't use them without the new look and design. Most importantly, though, I just want to see what other users who do upgrade have to say about it. If I had known what a total crap update iTunes was going to give us last year, I NEVER would have upgraded. I would have stuck with iTunes 10 forever - it was much more intuitive and user friendly. A year later, and I still can't find anything in iTunes 11. I have largely trusted Apple over the years, and have thought their improvements to be just that - improvements. But in the last couple of years, I'm trusting them less, so I'd like to wait and see what others think before making a change I can't undo. I'm not a person who has to have the newest, most trendy thing out there anyway. I didn't even get an iPhone until the 4, because it took them that long to work out everything I didn't like about it. SUper glad I got one, but glad I waited too...
  • I ish I had seen this prior to upgrading. I'm sorry I did it. Some apps don't work anymore such as "Talk and Drive" for google maps.
  • Also with the new upgrade, it enlarges your wallpaper so much you can't see the whole of it. When you try to Move and Scale it won't do anything. Trying to crop the picture is absolutely worthless as well. Wish I had researched the upgrade a bit more before I installed it on my iPad, definitely going to wait to upgrade my iPhone.
  • As I promised, today I posted an article on how to "downgrade" your device from iOS 7 to iOS 6. Check out my blog TechGeekJay. Although, I still don't have the faintest clue why anyone would want to go back!
  • after we downloaded the IOS7 to my sons iphone 4s , we finally stopped recieving their dads messages but his phone wont receive calls or texts now? Any advice? They on same plan as their dad too and share an appleID but should we change the Apple ID to their own? :-/
  • First of all, I amended the article - apparently Apple has not re-signed the old iOS files, so they cannot be loaded onto devices any more, so you can't downgrade. I never tried it outside of the Beta period, so I didn't realize that was the case. Second, iOS 7 is fully supported by the company with the best Customer Service track record! Definitely call AppleCare at the number for your country ( I'd say, if you are nice and hit the right person, chances are great they won't care if you don't have an AppleCare Plus plan, or are out of warranty - just tell them your son's phone doesn't work, and they will help you out. Or, and this is dangerous, go to the Apple store and try, just try, to avoid spending money on all that cool stuff.
  • Good article, and good advice. I inadvertently installed iOS7 without doing my research and am now furious! While there seems to be quite the collection of iOS7 "cheerleaders" here, I question their loyalties, agendas and, or perceptions.
    I find the touted features are more of a clusterfudge designed by amateurs than an improvement towards efficiency. My iPhone now acts very sluggish even after dumping many pics and videos in order to free-up some memory in search of a solution.
    Plus, the battery is constantly in need of charging even when all features are off.
    There is nothing simpler about this new system; it's much slower in attempting to execute my usual tasks.
    The glaring white is ridiculous as the thin texting fonts are now practically indiscernible and cannot be modified; inverting the colors works to solve this blinding white issue... unfortunately, it also inverts all of my pics and videos as well... wtf!
    If I cannot dump this system and reinstall the former which I have backed-up, then I will be switching over to a Galaxy, something that ALL (I'm not generalizing) of my associates have already done!
    My assessment is that this new iOS7 system design appears as if it was designed by the same grade-school children as was Windows 8. I find it horrible to look at, and asinine to navigate (I am also not alone in this assessment).
    Simplicity and detail is gone in exchange for unnecessary complexity and bland eye-candy; and the label of "crap" would be an understatement.
    I miss Steve Jobs.
  • Are you my alter-ego? It's crazy just how similar our stories are!!!
  • Ok now lemme see, I'm jailbroken on 6.1.2 iphone 5 and another thing. Oh, never mind. No plans to update IOS anytime soon. Could be six months to a year easy.
  • OH FU*K.... didn't check to see if this OS would be a carcrash.... i just happened to update as a few of my apps said they wouldn't work after updates without the new OS.... trust Apple to go down the tubes after poor Steve Jobs died.....what is wrong with these people, can't they just maintain his company properly once he has gone.... This OS looks terrible....i have an iphone because I love the way it works and design, being a the thing looks cheap like some dodgy chinese knock off.... this is not good. The compass and voice memo look solid and lovely as designs, and now look like some minimalist cheap third party app. You gotta be kidding, is this some practical joke and two fingers up to the Apple buyers as if to say "FU*K you loyal fans, now you've spent all that money, here we go and we'll make your phone look like some cheap rubbish"... I bet Samsung and Android are laughing their socks off and clapping their hands in amusement.... APPLE you had better allow people to revert back, i don't care how you do it, but allow people a simple button to restore the old OS without having to get hack, or allow people to revert back to the old graphics style and iron out the slow down on the OS for iPhone 4 and 4s users,....else I assure you you will go the way of Blackberry, and go broke.... the loyal users will not even buy iPhones anymore as you will have alienated those who loved what was different about you, whereas now you just make a mockery of us, and take what we loved and wanted to buy iPhones for.... man this is not good, I've had a bad bad week and now i turn on my phone and wonder why I didn't just spend all that money on some Shinzen knock off android.....bah....Apple is on the tipping point, and only they can redeem themselves or allow stubborn pride to sink with them.... anyone agree ? p.s
    looks like any iPhone which has not upgrade to OS7 has just doubled in value, as those of us who have updated to OS7 have seen their iPhones halve or quarter in value on ebay, as now many people who cannot downgrade, may just not be able to live with this and may want to sell their iphones for those which have not been updated.... oh and the lag is terrible....what i loved about my iPhoen 4 was how smooth it was, not it freezes as i swipe, and wait for the screen to unfreeze, and it judders about poor coding....if they have made this OS version also for iPhone 4, then they should have made sure it didn't perform like a mess..... Steve Jobs where are you, we want you back.... :(
  • I normally use my iphone 5 earphones to take and make phone calls. Since the birth of ios7, my calls get terminated and my music comes on from my library. I like to keep my hands free by using earphones but I have no clue why during conversation it cuts my callll! In some cases when I do listen to music it stops and starts. I have disabled shake to shuffle music, etc, help?
  • I think i am late to read this one so i have updated it and it looks like just same as said.
    iOS 7 is not a good choice for older idevices.
    I would like to downgrade it back to ios 6 but i do not have a choice........
  • I still have not upgraded to iOS 7 . Many of my peers have done so, some encouraging to upgrade and some telling me the issues they were in fact having. What it comes down to is I had no specific reason to upgrade straight away. Not only did I switch to the smart phone market in May (yes I was one of those guys who had an itouch and a flip phone because I didn't want to make the switch), but iOS 7 isn't something I need right now. From all the feedback I've read extensively on and heard the new features are pretty sweet. But I'm not going to switch to iOS 7 until its totally perfected. What have there been, 5 updates since launch? I'll be holding onto my iOS 6 until I find it too outdated , or I simply cannot interact with my peers in the same way. Until then, cheers to Apple; still love the product.
  • Can't believe it - I've got just about the exact same story. Personally, I don't recommend updating to iOS 7, for more reasons than one. This might be a bit confusing, but I like to go with what's iconic. Things that are known and have really embedded on my mind and lifestyle. (But on the contrary, I'll never stop daydreaming about buying not-yet-released music albums and buying songs from my beloved unknown DJ Sduk).
    Anyway, I'll probably be staying with 6 forever... and Windows 7 too.
  • Unless you like being sheep, DO NOT UPGRADE. DO NOT UPGRADE. DO NOT UPGRADE.
    The only thing worthwhile is the ability to control volume, brightness, and other utilities without going to the settings or use the rocker switch that has a mind of its own sometimes!
    Ios7 on ipad Is like the upgrade from Windows 2000. To. WinXP lots of bloat, bubbly graphics. Theres a loss of fine details in your wallpaper. It looks like a cheap knockoff of real ipad.
    Im gonna have to jailbreak this now to get back the ipad im used to.
    Apple, what are you doing? Why not let us UNDO the damage you tricked us in to?!