Hex Shield Wallet iPhone Case review: RFID blocker

The Hex Shield Wallet iPhone Case is more than just ruggedly handsome. It protects your iPhone, of course, but it has an added feature. It will hold two or three credit cards in its RFID-blocking wallet slots. This can help prevent digital credit card theft.

The Good

  • Premium leather
  • RFID blocking
  • Two or three card slots
  • Not bulky

The Bad

  • Not wireless charging compatible


Hex Shield Wallet iPhone Case: Features

Hex Wallet iPhone Case

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) skimming is a form of digital theft. Criminals can scan RFID-equipped credit cards, read them, and duplicate them. This allows them to steal your credit card information and duplicate it onto a blank card without ever laying hands on your credit card itself. An RFID blocker is only important if you have an RFID-enabled credit card. These credit cards allow you to pay by tapping your card on the terminal in stores. If your card must be swiped or inserted in order to pay, you don't need an RFID blocker. That said, Hex does make nearly identical cases without RFID blocking for less money. Everything else in this review besides the RFID information will still apply. Keep in mind I was not able to test this case for its RFID-blocking technology, as I do not have access to a digital skimmer. I'm taking Hex at its word.

This case is constructed from premium leather on the outside, molded polycarbonate in the middle, and microfiber on the inside where the case contacts the back of your iPhone. Instead of an embossed logo, there is a fabric patch sewn on the back with brand information. There is a precision cutout for the camera. The top, bottom, and both sides have large cutouts for all the rest of the buttons and ports. There's nothing on the top of an iPhone, of course, but the cutout is there anyway, probably just to keep the case lightweight and easy to put on and take off. Keep in mind that because of the larger cutouts, more of your phone's bezel is exposed than some other cases allow. The lip of the case does come up just over the screen for protection when you set your phone face down.

This case protects your iPhone, but it could also prevent identity theft.

This is a very light case, but thick enough to feel like it's pretty protective from phone drop damage. It's not what I'd term a heavy-duty case; it's more of a medium protection case. The leather is matte and textured, so the case is not slippery at all. The cases for different phone sizes have different numbers of card slots. The iPhone XS and XR cases each have two wallet slots; the iPhone XS Max has three.

Regardless of whether there were any cards in the slots or not, wireless charging does not work at all with this case. I suspect it's due to the RFID blocking rather than thickness because it's not all that thick with no cards in it.

There are five color options: Tan as seen in my photos, Black, Camo, Stingray, and Wicker. The Stingray and Wicker options each have a unique texture to them.

Extra protection

Hex Shield Wallet iPhone Case: What I like

I like that this phone lies in the sweet spot between protection and lightness. It's enough protection for most people without weighing you down. I like the selection of interesting colors and textures offered. The idea of adding RFID protection to an iPhone wallet case is excellent for those who need it.

Hex Wallet iPhone Case

No wireless charging

Hex Shield Wallet iPhone Case: What I don't like

If you don't have any RFID-enabled cards, you may not want to pay the higher price and lose the wireless charging functionality. If that's the case, but you like the look of Hex cases, I'd recommend checking out their other options that don't include RFID blocking.

Protection in more than one way

Hex Shield Wallet iPhone Case: Bottom line

This leather wallet case can protect you from more than just phone drops. For people that have RFID-enabled credit cards, this is a fantastic iPhone case to have. It could prevent your identity from being stolen digitally.

Karen S Freeman

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