Homepod Mini Power CableSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • You can now pick up a HomePod mini today at some Apple Stores.

Apple's new HomePod mini smart speaker is here and those who ordered early have had theirs arrive today. Everyone else is still waiting and anyone ordering now is going to have to wait a couple of weeks at best. Unless they happen to live near an Apple Store that has the new hotness in stock.

Some Apple Stores are currently listing HomePod mini as available for same-day pickup. You'll need to check that your local store has stock – don't forget the color option, too! – before making a trip but this could well be the quickest way to get your hands on a HomePod mini.

Homepod Mini Instore PickupSource: iMore

Early reviews by journalists and early adopters have been largely positive. Priced at $99 these still aren't the cheapest smart speakers on the market. But anyone who is knee-deep in the Apple ecosystem and wants to be able to use things like AirPlay 2 and whatnot will likely be very pleased with their purchase.

So long as they can actually find one, that is.

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