How long does the battery last on the Philips Hue Go?

How long does the battery last on the Philips Hue Go?

Best answer: The wireless, portable, and yes, rechargeable Philips Hue Go light will last for up to three hours between charges. Plug it into an outlet for charging and unlimited use.Amazon: Philips Hue Go ($80)Amazon: Philips Hue Bridge ($60)

Charge and go

The Hue Go does exactly what it says — allows you to take the smart Philips Hue lights on the go. Light up a camping trip, take it around the house, or simply put it on your bedside and get access to all it has to offer. Without the Hue Bridge (more on that later) you get access to limited capabilities. With the push of a button on the fixture, you can select from seven pre-set lighting effects, including ones designed to boost your mood or prepare your body for bedtime. These have inviting names like Cozy Candle, Sunday Coffee, Enchanted Forest, and Night Adventure. Also, the maximum brightness will be 40 percent versus the total brightness it gets while it's plugged in.

On the go, the Hue Go will get three hours of battery in between charges. This isn't a whole lot, but fully recharging your Go takes about 90 minutes. Neither number is necessary all that great. However, there really isn't a product that's similar to the Go available on the market, so this is the best you'll get. Luckily, there are portable charging options that'll work with the Go (just be warned you might shell out more than $100 for a decent power bank).

Regardless, the product will give you 20,000 hours of enjoyment before the battery dies. The bulb lasts about 15,000 hours or about 14 years.

Get the most out of it

The Hue Go, like other Philips lighting products, is controllable through apps when the device is wirelessly attached to the Bridge. Use the many compatible apps to choose between 16 million colors, set timers, introduce routines, and more.

With the Hue Go, you can also sync your media to kick your home entertainment experience into overdrive. Using the Hue Sync app, you can mirror the colors and rhythm of your lights to your movie, music, or game. This also works with Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Assistant.

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